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Japan provides Vietnam with 6 vessels


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A token gesture compared to the Russians. Russia sold VN Kilo class subs and many more.

A donation is not a sale. I can't imagine many countries, including Russia, leaping at the chance to donate 1.8 billion dollars (USD?) worth of subs.

According to Wikipedia,

In April 2011, Vietnam has ordered six Kilo-class submarine, worth about 1.8 billion dollars, the contract is said to occupy the entire defense budget of Vietnam in 2009.

That's a lot of money, even for wealthy nations.

Also, the export laws are different (or at least have been different, past the date when the order for the Kilos was placed).

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What VN really needs donated are anti-ship missiles.

The Philippines are also eyeing for those. Japan is upgrading the type 88 surface to ship missiles to the more capable type 12 placing the type 88 off line so there are a lot of them as surplus.

I wonder if Japan will ever allow them to be exported or will we just scrap them?

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A token gesture compared to the Russians. Russia sold VN Kilo class subs and many more.

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What VN really needs donated are anti-ship missiles.

Apologies if you already know this,

Seems they import solely (at this time) from Russia and India (and have started their own production). They also a dedicated service branch to Coastal Defense (some missiles are fired from land, looking quite nasty, others are fired from ships/subs).

If you thinking of Japanese-made anti-ship missiles, obtaining a supply may be a possibility in the future, might have to pay for them though, at least in times of peace. Obviously any missiles will need to be compatible with the launch systems. Most likely to come as a set for land based missiles, anything else would required adaption. (The Kilo class subs on order are equipped with Klub-S/Sizzler missiles, nasty combo)

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China claims all the South China Sea. Vietnam only claims half! So so much better to support Vietnam, and never mind that the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia also have competing claims with China and Vietnam.

Today we love Vietnam. Tomorrow? We will just throw our paper heart to the wind, and see which direction it goes. Retoss if it goes toward China!

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This is the sort of behaviour that makes me respect Japan more. They're helping out one of the "little guys" who are being bullied by the Chinese, and rightly so. Japan seems to be doing a lot of this lately. They provided a lot of aid to the Philippines after the typhoon. How much did China put towards that? Not a lot as I recall.

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What VN really needs donated are anti-ship missiles.

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toshikoAug. 02, 2014 - 02:45AM JST These two ships are patrol ships. They are neither warships nor combat ships.

Your right. These vessels are under Japan’s Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) rules which prohibit aid from use for military purposes.

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Would be greatly appreciated and remembered by the Vietnamese. Thanks. Japan,

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These two ships are patrol ships. They are neither warships nor combat ships. Suppliment to Japanese satellite monotoring Chinese ship movements.

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Hi, There seems to be some miscommunications somewhere. I think the news should be "Japan donates 6 used ships together with equipments worth 500 million yens". The ships will surely be a great asset as they will used as frontline to counter attacks and ramings by China's ships.

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@Asian2014 I would like China to do that. Then the whole world can see how much importance the Chinese place on human rights.

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Asian2014Aug. 01, 2014 - 11:50PM JST Well it is best that Japan remembers, so when and if China provides vessels to NK, she does not go crying to the US!

So China despite being a PUNSC member is going to disregard the UN Sanctions on selling North Korea military equipment? Really well thought out.

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Of the six vessels, two are fishery patrol boats of the Fisheries Agency, while four are commercial fishing boats, the sources said. All are previously owned and are 600- to 800 -ton-class ships. Lifeboats and other equipment will also be offered.

In past, Japan supplied vessels to Philippine, too.

This is between Japan and Vietnam. Nothing to be paranoia to imagine Japan go crying to US..

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Well it is best that Japan remembers, so when and if China provides vessels to NK, she does not go crying to the US!

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The offer of the Japanese vessels comes as Vietnam is seeking to expand its fleet of coast guard vessels and shortly after Japan reinterpreted the constitution to allow the country to exercise its right to "collective self-defense."

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Good for Japan.

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6 ships, thank you Japan...meanwhile not 100 not 1000, but > 10,000 fishing ships from China are heading to the South,, enforcing the claim of China in disputed waters. They all are supported by China government in determination to crush anyone with their own "meat".

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I wonder if the Communist Vietnamese government will allow these vessels to become fishing boats like a previous donation from Japan?!

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Subs would be good.

There're a lot more specialised skills required to use subs effectively than surface ships.

But it looks like the Russians are helping a lot with that. Google it for yourself. So much for Russian-Chinese friendship. Not surprising considering ties between Russia and Vietnam to date though.

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It maybe a very small ship for this price. It does have radar?

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I'm confused. Provides? Sells? Arm Sales? Anyone?

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China must be foaming at the mouth right about now.

I wonder what the boats are actually worth. $5 million for 6 coastguard vessels is clearly much less than the market value, no matter how old they are.

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What kind of vessels are they? Subs would be good.

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Excellent way of saying suck it China without looking like it. Good for Japan helping out the little guy.

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Vietnamese Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh said he and Kishida agreed that disputes in the South China Sea should be resolved peacefully.

good and accept these six used vessels as 'Ochugen' gift from Japan.

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