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Japan ramps up online messaging on Ukraine to prepare for hybrid war


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the ministry is creating a new specialist post


senior coordinator for global strategic intelligence, a position within the Defense Intelligence Division of the ministry's Defense Policy Bureau.

when even the designation of the position is incomprehensibly complicated.....

Japan: if in doubt.... create more bureaucracy.... and of course, the old favourite: lay more concrete.

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Japan's Defense Ministry has been ramping up its messaging on social media over Russia's invasion of Ukraine as it tries to prepare for "hybrid warfare," which combines conventional weapons and information warfare such as the manipulation of public opinion.

In the old days it was just called the Ministry of Propaganda.

And what is Japan's angle on this concerning Ukraine?

Will their information warfare combat the scurrilous fake news that they are continuing with joint fossil fuel projects with Russia and the heavily government invested Japan Tobacco will not divest from Russia?


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War is never good.

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Let's face the facts that Japan is a major user of fossil fuels that damage the environment and continues to burn human waste trash incinerators in living areas .A major pusher of tobacco and nicotine products that also harm the environment and human health.

Unfriendly approach towards foreigners and equality with an inhumane justice system.

Japan needs radical change.

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Japan's Defense Ministry has been ramping up its messaging on social media over Russia's invasion of Ukraine as it tries to prepare for "hybrid warfare," which combines conventional weapons and information warfare such as the manipulation of public opinion.

Comedy gold. Japan's media exists to manipulate public opinion and has done since the 19th. century. The Nippon Sugoi propaganda that was introduced by Japanese media in the 1930s to coincide with the invasion of Manchuria is still going strong today. It's everywhere.

Watching TV last night I was surprised to see news reports featuring lengthy film from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, which has been a CIA front since it was created just after WW2. Will the Defence Ministry be targeting US disinformation too?

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Japan's opinion on Russia-Ukraine will only be seen as a mirror of China-Taiwan.

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Japan's always lagging and falling behind still relying on antiquated methods that didn't work out anyway.

Time for Japan to pick up the slack , get with the program and perfect their critical thinking and linear thought patterns.

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Whatever side you take at war times, because both sides lie and spread propaganda or wrong informations, you are the one that makes the most errors in every case, not so much the two opposing war parties. Their behavior regarding wrong information is of course strictly and well calculated and part of the war strategy, in other words nearly free of any errors.

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"Recognizing that the need to handle disinformation and fake news is a critical security issue as manifested in the Ukrainian crisis, the Ministry of defense is preparing for 'hybrid warfare' that combines conventional weapons and information warfare."

That is something interesting. Anyway, it would be good to be prepared for any unknown in this time saturated with many unknowns.. everytime, everywhere..

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Vietnam, the first 'television war'

this, the 'first twitter war' ??

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Ramping up messaging? Does it know how Facebook works? Posting a message does not garentee anyone will actually see it. It seems they have no idea how social media works.

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So it took like 1 month.

to go from “it’s all true” to well of course it’s part of war to manipulate public opinion with good intentioned misinformation.

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LDTMToday  07:29 am JST

Don’t try to create some fancy new buzzword like “hybrid warfare”, information/ propaganda has always been a part of war. Remember the leaflets dropped from bombers in WWII?

You're 16 years too late to be complaining about it.

"The term hybrid warfare, as currently used, was first introduced by US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Frank G. Hoffman in 2006, though Hoffman states he took the term from a thesis by Robert G Walker in which Walker describes low-intensity operations conducted by the US Marines."


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We know we're in good hands

Cause we know our government wouldn't try and manipulate any information fed to us regarding the war or anything for that matter...

I'm just a compliant global citizen willing to believe anything I'm told for the good of the world.

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Japan wishes to get involved in wars now?

That hasn’t ended well for the country, has it?

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Aren't there enough Ukrainian Youtubers already?

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