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Japan ready to cooperate with China's Silk Road project


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Correction needed “one of the source said.”

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Between the two countries, one is stationary and the other one keeps on flip-flopping.

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Abe has no other choice. For past 5 years, Abe's main contribution to the world is bluffing. What is diamond ? What is free and open Indo-Pacific region ? Be careful what you ask for, China will follow through everything Abe bluffed: open and free India Ocean.

Sunzi said :"To lift an autumn hair is no sign of great strength; to see the sun and moon is no sign of sharp sight; to hear the noise of thunder is no sign of a quick ear."

What a PM will be if he can't even see the sun and the moon ?

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anyone really think China gives a hoot about Japan's cooperation?

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China holds american promisary notes, you know? I.O.youze!. They are only superficially in the black and are not an authentically prosperous and wealthy nation, whereas Japan IS that ( next to no foreign owned debt).  Japan's infrastructure is immaculate, well essentially so- besides old hotel resorts and abandoned homes. 

It is like trying to compare Canada to the U.S. . The former is a vast wasteland!  Can/U.S. populations and internal economies differ drastically.  And Japan has tech way above the Chinese.  Way above and vast and deep like an ocean.  No comparison.  So, China really needs Japan ( nearly as much as Cambodia or Myanmar does ).

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Although I think Japanese and northeastern, central and northwestern Chinese should stay away off each other for general individuals' believes and social rules, this stance is good. Although China and Japan should keep a distance, at least as what I thought in 2016.

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Poor visionless, irrelevant Japan - always playing "catch up" and never getting it right. A fantastic example of how an inflexible and reactive culture is its own worse enemy. The rest of the world left Japan in their dust a long, long time ago.

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Viking Rin, why should Japan and China keep distance ? what general individuals' believes and social rules are you talking about ? Two pillars of Japanese society are Buddhism and Confucianism, both are Chinese believes and social rules.

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Business is where there are people.

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After getting nowhere in trying to get China's to go along with sanctions against North Korea, Abe is realizing "You can't fight China" and is taking the pragmatic and opportunist approach, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

It'll be interesting to see what happens after 2020 and where Japan's loyalty really lies.

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Business is where there are people (expert technicians, etc) working at hugely profitable companies with huge capital and huge banks to support them...like in Japan.  Expert in transportation and with maritime strength to match any other nation, Japan is unsurpassable.  I remember riding the airport bus to downtown Seoul and passing thru areas that reminded me of Mexico...dirt roads.  Same in Shanghai; back street dirt roads. 

Japan is an indispensable partner for such a vast project as one that envisions reviving the Silk Road of yonder...bring on the downvotes peabrain...

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