Japan refuses to issue visas for military-backed Myanmar diplomats


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Still, Tokyo remains cautious about joining the United States, Britain and the European Union among other democracies in imposing sanctions on individuals and groups involved in the coup, partly because of Japan's close economic ties with Myanmar and China's rising influence on Myanmar and other ASEAN member states.

It's time for Japan to take a stance in the name of democracy!!! If Japan truly wants to be a part of international pro democratic society!!!

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Looks to me like they are according to the article. Good for Japan in not legitimizing the military backed govt.

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Freeze out all Myanmar military appointees world-wide. As trade contracts end, do not renew.

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Visa for Myanmar military junta diplomats? Well, they are just only all reserved for the soon incoming Kabul islamists, djihadists & terrorists. Those are more clever and already managed to dress more civilian. lol

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Very strong and assertive move Japan. Great to see that.

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