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Japan reluctant to accelerate G7 power sector decarbonization push


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Of course they all row back as their illusions can’t and won’t stand reality.

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What can you say? These fossils can't give up fossil fuels.

The spray one of the LNG tycoons just tried to give the Australian government was beyond pathetic.

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Japan is doing its self no favours by their recalcitrance, they are becoming the very noticeable odd one out internationally and is doing neither its population nor industry any good by poisoning their health and not encouraging and supporting and if necessary forcing industry in to shifting from a technology that will soon be unsaleable in a large number of their core markets.

Japan was a bit of a leader in hydrogen which could give them a lead once the currently glossed over problems with batteries start to bite.

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Japan knows it's all a farce, therefore no chance here

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*no change

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Dragging its feet, as ever. But, hey, Toyota makes hybrid cars among its line-up of gas-guzzlers and you have to pay for bags at the supermarket now so it looks like Japan cares to the people at least.

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Japan: "We will gladly accept and promote decarbonization as long as Japan can be the exception and be allowed to keep using it. Please cooperate."

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Obviously Japan isn't serious about decarbonization !

At least they are realistic

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With a shrinking population Japan's net CO2 emissions are in decline without the drastic drop in the quality of life countries like Canada are starting to experience due to the ever increasing population that requires people already in the country to lower their quality of life drastically to keep the country's net CO2 emissions from continuing to grow.

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At least they are realistic

Yes, realistic in the sense that little will be done, because that's what big players want.

It is completely unrealistic, in the sense of what is easily possible, what is needed and what could be done without significantly affecting people's quality of life. I'm sorry but making someone drive a more efficient car, insulate their house, and eat a 100g not a 250g steak is not a drastic lowering of their quality of life.

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What may I force you to do then?

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