Japan reluctantly supports U.S. exit from arms pact with Russia


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Another, treaty, another agreement!

Good ol'Donald keeps on going, isn't he!?

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Wherever the owner goes, the dog follows.

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How high should I jump massa

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Funny thing...U.S. and Russia defeated Nazi Germany, had a falling out, Reagan/Gorbachev repaired the relationship, Bush/Clinton/Yeltsin really repaired the relationship...and then Putin...well, whatever. Whole lotta history there. And Japan-Russia???....They haven't concluded WW2 yet!!!?!!! This is more about the Kuriles than jumping for massa. But its that too!

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Send US, Russia and China leaders with their atomic bombs to mars, kill themselves and leave the wolrd in Peace !!..

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Seeing as Japan likes to be a leading voice in discussions about controlling nuclear arms, shouldn't they really disagree with proliferation? A begrudging "oh, okay" is still a yes vote.

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As I said in yesterday's thread on A-bomb victims voicing concern about US withdrawal from the agreement, they need to do more work at home, first. As for the Japanese government supporting the US on this, never again can they stand in Hiroshima on the anniversary of the bombing and say they hope the world never sees this again and weapons do not proliferate. In fact, I bet Japan wants in on making new weapons as it would be a big source of income.

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Send US, Russia and China leaders with their atomic bombs to mars, kill themselves and leave the wolrd in Peace !!..

Poor Martians... why inflict those morons on them?

This is just vile - and why is Japan (the only victim of these weapons) siding with the bloody Americans? The world should be scrapping them, not developing new ones. Putin, Kim and Trump are all as bad as each other. Strap them to one of their own missiles and launch them at the sun!

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Having nukes gives you a certain security and safety from invasion or from nukes being used against you in the first place.

There is a reason why North Korea wanted them, why India acquired them, why Pakistan has them, why Israel has them, France has them, Britain has them, why the US and Russia are upgrading, making more powerful weapons.

Than look at countries that don't have this weapons and what happened to them when trouble came to their door.

Ukraine had an arsenal of Nuclear weapons and both America and Russia promised security and safety if they give up the Nukes.... What happened to Ukraine?

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Wherever the owner goes, the dog follows.

It's a lapdog. Making a lot of noise, but useless got guarding the house.

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Good dog, now sit and buy some more weapons....

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Reluctantly? interesting tone of words, considering the Chinese ceased our Senkaku islands and have their nukes aimed at us..

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Japan of course supports all US foreign policy. When was the last time Japan said no to the US?

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1991 Gulf War. Japan refused the US request to participate and send JSDF. They paid for most of it instead.

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As I commented in Saturday's article about this: The problem is that Putin has already effectively abandoned the treaty by developing new hypersonic nuclear weapons. The Chinese have also done the same in tandem as well as developing submarine based weapons. The entire western world is (sadly) dependant on the US to keep them free and safe from Russian and future Cineese aggression. There really is no choice but to counter that threat. Unlike the Russians, the US has abided by the treaty. Therefore the US is announcing its abandonment of the treaty, which Russia already has done. China never was bound by it. Putin and Xi are pulling the western world back into a Cold War that only they seem to want. Do people want a weak US that can’t protect them? The other option would be for all nations to build nuclear capability and beef up thier own militaries. But that’s not going to happen. The situation is regrettable, but Putin and Xi are making it nesesarry.

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Mattypdx, always blame other people but never themselves. Those weapons that you mentioned, and more are also being developed by the US. In order to advance further in those weapons, they need more public support that is why the false propaganda of blaming Russia and China. “A weak US,” have you ever thought about the amount of money the US spends on military? Isn’t it the largest military spending in the world, and how many times more than other countries? Have you ever doubted why the US always employed new advance weapons on the foreign soils but not Russia or China? Also, wondering why you would put China in the same league of the US and Russia in terms of nuclear weapons? China only has a few hundred nuclear weapons but the US and Russia each have several thousands. Why do you think they need so many to protect the world? Not likely to be for defensive purposes. More likely for bullying purposes.

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It's about time to make Washington the capital of Japan.

Tokyo should be state capital.

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no spin Abe geez

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@Hiro S Nobumasa

It's about time to make Washington the capital of Japan.

You don't know what you are asking for.

What would happen if Japan was annexed by the US.

1.Japan's Monarchy will be abolished. No more emperor since the US constitution explicitly states that the US is a republic.

2.Japanese income tax rate will double for ordinary people.

3.Japanese lose universal healthcare. Healthcare becomes a privilege worth risking one's life for in the military or pay $15K a year to insure a family of four, not a right.

4.Everyone in Japan can own guns.

5.Japan's national language will be English and Japanese a local language. While kids might pick up English fast, everyone who are 15 years old or older will not, leaving them permanently second class citizens of the US.

6.Japanese farmers get wiped out by dirt cheap US rice, produce and beef.

Overall, Japanese are worse off being annexed by the US than as a standalone country. The only possible benefit is that the Japanese sovereign debt level will go down from 250%.

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It's about time to make Washington the capital of Japan.

Tokyo should be state capital.

Buhaha then can Japanese spread around into other states as perfect US citizen?

Think of voter population and the ratio, Abe would run the USA.

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Hopefully this new arms race will finally bankrupt the US. And Trump has master degree at running companies in the ground.

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So much hypocrisy for Security Council. United Nations sucks, The Allied are far from justice. Russia, China now nothing but Axis of Evil.

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1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty Better to END this AGREEMENT!!

North Korea build Nuclear Weapons = Russia join the Sanction But still Trading with North Korea secretly.

Iran plan to build nuclear weapons = Russia didnt do a thing.

In the first place what the hell is this agreement when one of the planner violate it.

Let all the NATION Build Nuclear Weapons so that the WORLD will be in PEACE when HUMANITY in GONE!

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