Japan ruling bloc, 2 opposition parties to revise immigration law


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The bill, designed to resolve issues surrounding Japan's "detention-centered" model of immigration policy,

So the solution to the problem of abuse while in detention is... to make it easier to forcibly deport them? And here I was thinking that the solution involved humane treatment, perhaps with refugees getting temporary work permits so that they won't even be a financial burden on the state. Nah, the solution is to kick them out with even less due process! /s

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Japan will never be so deluged by refugees as it just isn’t that attractive as a place to live

Deporting in a more timely manner might prevent the abuses that we have seen though

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"In 2022, Japan gave refugee status to 202 people, a record high since it began granting it in 1982. But the number lags behind that of European countries, where refugee and asylum claims are often accepted in the tens of thousands annually, as well as the United States."

Good for the US and Euro, look how that turned out for them.

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So when Japan is looked down in the international community for the terribly low number of refugees it accepts the solution the government puts forward is to more easily deport the applicants?

Just the fact that 200 people in a year is a "record high" number should make clear how much Japan is lagging behind the rest of the developed world in this aspect.

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