Japan ruling bloc projected to secure majority in July upper house race: poll


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I love living in Japan, but I’ll never understand the politics here. They raise taxes, they keep increasing the national debt and the cost of living, but their popularity goes up? It’s like that officer and a gentleman movie from the 80s, ‘please sir can I have another.’ They are here to help the electorate and residents, not to tax the hell out of us and make life as expensive as possible..

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The anti-establishment Reiwa Shinsengumi, which netted two proportional representation seats in the previous 2019 election, could gain a total of three seats from the Tokyo district contest and proportional representation voting.

A ray of hope and good sense among the depressingly regular political and legal news.

Kyodo polls seemed to have already decided the election so it is a pointless exercise in spending public funds now right?

That is the plan Sapporo is following with their Olympic proposals.

Democracy in action

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The Japan Innovation Party could be on course to more than double its six contested seats to 15,

Good. JIP is the only hope for Japan.

Tge rest, and Japan continuing to gurgle down the drain is guaranteed. It’s probably guaranteed either way, so big is the hole Japan is in….

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The "problem" is not so much the LDP-led ruling coalition as very unpopular, unreliable opposition parties.

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June 24 04:22 pm JST

JIP is the only hope for Japan.

I like some of their ideas but no party will represent any hope for Japan until it has enough candidates to match the LDP's and win a majority on its own with no need for any shabby coalitions.

Samit BasuToday  05:31 am JST

"What's the point of holding elections in Japan, the outcome will be the same until gerrymandering is addressed."

But LDP has no incentive to fix gerrymandering.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

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Japan is Press Freedom Index 71st.

Japan's major media are scare at criticizing ruling parties or far-right party Ishin since 2012.

Most Japanese forget easily or don't know misstep or unjust behaviors or political scandals of LDP or Ishin.

therefore, they are always advantageous.

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What's the point of holding elections in Japan, the outcome will be the same until gerrymandering is addressed.

But LDP has no incentive to fix gerrymandering.

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So basically Japan is like many other one party states. 

The state Japan was closest to in terms of political model was Russia, at least before the war.

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”we need a government Who will help the people!”


”we should vote for new leaders who can make an honest change”

”ehhh why would we do that!?”

the cycle continues

though, the opposition parties are shockingly weak here and seem to get surprised by these elections each year. Common sense would say gear up well in advance and make your people and policies known but they always scramble a week before to find some uninteresting people to represent them that no one has affinity towards

i guess it truly “can’t be helped “ as they keep saying

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Projected to

Stop trying to brainwash the Japanese public.

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regrettable! (^_-)

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