LDP calls for 'policy mix' of monetary and fiscal stimulus


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In other words, print more money and give to connected big companies

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Whats that definition of insanity again?

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Btw...as a side question..what happened to the promise to cut politicians salary to show solidarity with people suffering income drops from covid19 resttrictions....the talk seems to have gone awefully quiet on that.

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The "mix" has already been in place. A lavish mix of quantitative easing (UBI for bankers) and bailouts for Japan Inc and the meager one time assistance to workers already suffering for months that may come some time this summer.

About parallel with the States, though they have been faster in getting the one time stimulus into people's hands. An economist estimated that if the 4 trillion in bailout money was equally distributed to American households each would get approximately $33,000.

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100000 yen for two months of missed work?

Call a little louder, will ya?!?

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