Japan, Russia hold talks on security, territorial dispute

by elaine kurtenbach

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Wow! Japan and Russia are holding talks to resolve issues of dispute and security affecting them, independently of the US. Gives hope for the world!

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Russia will never return those islands to Japan! They took those islands illegally and deported all the Japanese living on them. Russia is in a weak position and their allies are very limited. Because of the incident and territorial grab of Crimea more pressure and sanctions have been put on them in the last few years. Japan needs to become stronger militarily and equipped with Nuclear Weapons, that's how you get those islands back! The only country in the world to suffer nuclear attacks on it cities, yet you have none yourself to prevent such an incident from happening again? Wake up Japan you're not fully awake!

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Russia will never return those islands to Japan!...

Nobody knows future, even tomorrow. Japan for now decided to give Russian people a chance to reconsider.

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Japan needs to become stronger militarily and equipped with Nuclear Weapons, that's how you get those islands back < Sports news >

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Even here, military hysteria and lust for world destruction drives those behind the screens mad. How much more evil can a person with an actual power of political choice bring upon the world... Terrifying age.

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Socrateos, You do know Russia is Arming those islands every single year putting more troops missiles and tanks on them! Even after Japan has been friendly towards Russia, their view and actions speak for themselves. Russians have also specifically said that they would never give land back or trade land. They went to all the trouble and risk to attack Ukraine and take Crimea from then, yet you think they will just hand back those islands to Japan? If you actually look at history and not fantasies you will see that Russia became a huge country by constantly taking more land from others! Not by giving it back!

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You are making Russia take all the blame for militaristic expansions by ingrates all over the world, twist history to your own twisted view to make Russia look even worse than it is, and then put in an ultimate hypocritical "Russia became a huge country by constantly taking land from others". If you want to blame someone for something, you have to find something NOT everyone did. Otherwise, this becomes a norm. Basics, will not lecture you on that. But you will not slander and propogate arms race, leading the world to destruction, either.

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Well high level talks are always cause for hope and are forward moving, however I would say no peace treaty without the resolution of the islands issue

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