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Japan, Russia to hold talks on territorial dispute on Friday


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Love to see the expense account.

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Russia is still upset over losing the Russo-Japanese War back in the beginning of the 20th century, and with the territorial losses that ensued. What reason would Putin have for giving up Russian land, other than a massive bribe from the Japanese government?

BTW, it was during the Russo-Japanese War that Imperial Japan conquered Korea. The Treaty of Portsmouth then recognized Japanese control of Korea.

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Japan to Russia:- Hi guys, have you changed your minds yet about returning our 4 islands?

Russia to Japan:- Hi. As you know those 4 islands are ours in perpetuity. Anything else you want to know?

Japan to Russia:- No, that was all. Good talk. We should catch up again soon. Goodbye.

Russia to Japan:- Goodbye.

Cost of meeting to each nation probably a few thousand or tens of thousands of dollars.

Achievments of meeting = NIL

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I am pushing for a "Okinawa" solution, return civil administration to Japan and retain Russian bases on these islands.

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Cost of meeting to each nation probably a few thousand or tens of thousands of dollars.

Chartered flights, hotels, diners, security, preparation, translation...try millions.

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Better bring lots of Levis and Marlboro as gifts.

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