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Japan, S Korea agree to work toward warmer ties


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Increase the peace!

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I genuinely hope Japan and Korea can move forward, It seems pretty apparent despite some historical issues that two democratic(ish) countries in a region, with neighbours becoming more aggressive in military, economics, and territorially, both with significant western ties, and more shared history than either seems to like talking about have far more to gain by working together than the largely politically motivated "outrage" in the last several years.

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Political solutions to the problems of Japan-South Korea relations will continue to fail as long as each country’s identity is framed against the other. Japan has its own victim complex from defeat of WWII, the atomic bombing, and a sense of being discriminated against in the postwar of their actions, making it difficult for Japan to perceive itself as an aggressor. There are many similarities between the two countries that reinforce their differences. Japan and South Korea political leaders are protecting their approval ratings by domestic politics. Both leaders need to address the past not simply as a legal issue between the two governments, but in a way that also addresses the lingering hurt of colonization at a personal and political level. Ultimately, South Korea will have to determine precisely what actions it will accept from Japan as expressions of remorse that would then enable the two countries to move their relations forward.

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“There are very difficult issues between South Korea and Japan,”

These "difficult" issues could be settled by both sides making some very simple gestures and statements.

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The problem is, it's lower politicians who made this agreement. You still have one leader hell-bent on antagonizing the other, and the other stubbornly refusing to having a meeting with the other leader.

Can't really do much of the people in charge aren't willing to suck it up for the good of their countries.

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“We will make efforts so that we will be able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic normalisation in a warm atmosphere,” Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida told South Korean First Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Cho Tae-Yong.

“There are very difficult issues between South Korea and Japan,” Cho replied, but added: “We hope to make next year the year the relationship will start to develop.”

Classic -- as usual, Japan always has a much more rosy opinion of foreign relationships than the party they are talking with. Which is probably why Japan never manages to have any great relations, because they never take the time to truly empathize with/understand the other party's perspective. Japan says they'll celebrate in "a warm atmosphere", and SK says "the relationship will start to develop". Japan's blind-spot is often times a huge obstacle, because they expect everyone to "understand" or "appreciate" their perspective. Well, guess what, if it were not for U.S. pressure, as the article mentions, SK would probably not even waste the time to worry about this.

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lol, in the mean time, Prime Minister Abe has already said he will revisit Yaskuni after the coming meeting with China. So this agreement will break off once Abe makes sure he breaks it, and the South Koreans run off again with another angry huff. The pattern is always the same.

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This is great. Unless you're anti japan

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Try telling that to the Yukan Fuji, which is Japan's modern-day version of Der Sturmer.

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Warmer ties with Japan?

Might as well. After the Asian Games there won't be many other countries lining up for warmer ties.

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the hate between these two countries is about the sign of poverty ( kemuchi plant-eater ) since hideyoshi and the tea ceremony

Sennorikyu found a great value of just a cheap dish in very old Korea and he boost the value of a set of tea ceremony in Japan, the price was about the same as a castle. But Hideyoshi Toyotomi ordered him "seppuku" because Hideyoshi hated poor ceremony. Aizuwakamatsu in Fukushima helped his sons and that's why, japanese tea ceremony "cha no yu" revived.

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"Japan, S Korea agree to work toward warmer ties." Not the way I read it. Look into the hate speech rallies by Japanese, which is unthinkable by most of descent people. Nowadays, most of Koreans do not want to have anything to do with Japanese including the government officials.

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Look into the hate speech rallies by Japanese, which is unthinkable by most of descent (sic) people.

Yeah, because that never happens in your country ... oh, wait ...


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What you are quoting is not relevant here. Hate speeches are not legal in Korea and other countries. Hate speeches are legal only in Japan. Sex slavery exist illegally in many places, but it wasn't organized at the government level like Japan.

Please make the time to think about it. I hope you can see the differences and figure things out. Good luck!

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Might work well. today's CNN news showed. N K representatves visiting S Korea. News mentiones N Korea's top boy has been sick and has not seen for a while. Maybe N K and S K get friendly along with China and Japan? i

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