Japan, S Korea, U.S. to hold talks on N Korea


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Is S. Korea capable of peace with it's Northern renegade when they are preoccupied for little islands that are internationally recognized as Japanese islands?

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Japan is at fault for distracting S Korea from more urgent issues, by challenging sovereignty over those islands, by teaching false history to its people, by refusing to apology sincerely over its committed crimes...much more...According to my own internationally recognized studies.

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close cooperation to address North Korean issues

I dont see any issues with NKorea. Either they want to eat at the dinner table, or eat thier dinner in the bathroom.

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Internationally recognized as Japanese islands? Lol. Even this article states they are called Dokdo in Korea first before the Japanese claimed name. These islands are historically and currently controlled by Korea. The Chosun Dynasty government even collected taxes from Japanese fisherman hunting seals on the islands.

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Japan should step aside in the Korean civil war. It is none of our business. If anything we need to treat both sides equal. The Republic of Korea treats Japan as a foe so why should we support them? Let the Americans defend them, yes that is proper.

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