Japan, S Korea revive currency swap agreement as ties thaw


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So the currency swap deal ends when Yoon's impeached and Lee Jae Myung, the most anti-Japan Korean politician in history, swears in?

The loss of 2030 Expo bid cost Yoon 10 more parliamentary seats from Busan area, so the current estimate puts the ruling party's seat count to below 100 needed to block the Impeachment.

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Japan only agree to that after realizing that nothing to lost, since Japanese yen is only getting weaker from time to time.

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Preparedness for US war with China.

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Until the next time the Koreans want to ramp up nationalist sentiment.Get over it, you were a weak country at a time when strong countries were not very nice to weak ones.

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For Japan, there is no benefit to a currency swap with South Korea. Japan has almost unlimited currency swaps with the US and the EU, and the South Korean won is nothing more than a piece of paper.

Japan and South Korea had previously concluded a currency swap, and during the Asian currency crisis, Japan's public and private sectors supported South Korea, but what was the result?

In South Korea, it is believed that the reason South Korea had to rely on the IMF was because Japan was the first to withdraw, and a senior South Korean government official declared that the swap with Japan was a waste.

Not only is there no point in helping such a country, but it will only make them hate you again. Tax-increased glasses really do nothing but unnecessary things.

I hope Lee Jae-min cancels the contract with immediate effect, such as through a swap.

Or will Moon Jae-in not return to power?

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