Japan, S Korea start working-level trade talks


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C'mon SK, you can do it. SK reminds me of a badly behaved dog who bit their owner (Japan) and upset their owners partner (US) and is coming back with its tail tucked under shaking because the threat of the other scary dog (NK) is still present.

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South Korea slowly starting to cave.

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I don’t understand what’s there to talk about? Japan had already informed three conditions to resolve security concerns by SK’s inadequate export management in order for SK to be enrolled back in Whitelisted countries.

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Dear S. Korea,

If you don't back down on the court ruling, if you ask for more money after you got paid in 1965, if you break agreements like you have already 2015... Then you'll end up hitting a brick wall yet again!

Progress on Japan S. Korea relations is in S. Korea court. You can have good relations with Japan or you can have bad relations with Japan... but you can't use the past anymore to fuel the fire and hate. Relations was normalized in 1965 when you signed the aggrement! You are breaking that promise and agreement! You are a bad ally, neighbor and friend!

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Knew this would happen eventually. It's good for both sides

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