Japan, S Korea stress need for better ties before key court decision


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USA needs them both for the new Asian NATO, so Japan and SK are under intense pressure to negotiate.

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The Japanese and South Korean foreign ministers on Saturday underscored the need for improving bilateral relations strained over wartime issues, as South Korea's top court is expected to make a relevant decision soon.

Not correct reporting.

The deadline for trial dismissal was expired and the judge in charge of that trial has retired last week.

SK top Court must find another judge who has to start all over again at supreme court level. Is not gonna be soon I understand.

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Looks like putting the cart before the horse.

The South Korean Court ruling stems from an action predicated on the Plaintiffs having the right to sue for wartime damages. But the 1965 Treaty between SK and JPN has an arbitration clause to settle any matters steming from a difference in interpretation of the Treaty. JPN says the Treaty already covered wartime damages, while SK says it doesn't.

Japan has already requested an Arbitratiion to settle this issue but SK has refused and allowed the SK Court to asume it had jurisdiction and resulting in a ruling. But without an Arbitratiion Settlement, SK Courts have only assumed they have jurisdiction.

South Korea needs to settle the issue through Arbitation per the 1965 Treaty first. Otherwise, Japan can not recognize a SK Court ruling. Perhaps JPN should bring an (another) action to the ICJ.

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South Korea watching Japan's reaction.

That's why this is taking forever, Korean is using Supreme Court as anti-Japan tool to get it their way, get another apology and compensation.

South Korea let Samsung CEO out of jail. Free Pass. To help the economy!

That's how serious the Korean takes justice and law! If it helps the economy, we can bend rules, laws, justice!!

If South Korea was sincere, ruling against Japanese companies can disappear easily! Half a Korea can pay with the money we gave them in 1965 as compensation in the Billions today.


Even the Germans refuse to pay more or again. Poland, Greece keeps asking, Germans keeps telling them No! Stops here! No more!

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