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Japan, Saudi Arabia vow to work together for stable international oil market


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Japan ...Please pump out more oil to lower the price so you get less money.

The Saudis... We will get back to you on that ....

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I saw 3.76 gas today

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What Japan will do? Increase oil production?

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Phew! This thread is going to be hot today with dozens of irate posters furiously demanding that Japan show some moral backbone by refusing to deal with the USUK-supported absolute monarchy whose "intervention" in Yemen has killed an estimated 377,000 people and created the world's worst humanitarian disaster.

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Alongside the Putin's current visit at Tehran, Saudi Arabia has some dilemma.

Japan ...Please pump out more oil to lower the price so you get less money.

The Saudis... We will get back to you on that ....

Japan.... We will activate nuclear power plants.

Germany... We're considering delaying the full suspension of nuclear plants.

The Saudis .... W, Wait, folks! Please!!

Oil prices will dive into a record low.

Putin .... the Saudi screwed up. It should be de-nazified.

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That negotiation between Japan and Saudi Arabia is truest important for Japanese people. I hope it will influence positively to Japanese oil market and amount of oil provides.

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In unrelated news, last week the world has collectively, following the leader of the free world, yet again, turned a blind eye on the death of Jamal Khashoggi .

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Do you want your oil or not?

Then pay what we ask!

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Human rights violation in Saudi and neighboring countries (supported by KSA) are ignored in the name of oil price stabilization.

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At the meeting, Hayashi and Faisal also confirmed that they will continue close cooperation toward the peace and stability of the Middle East, the Japanese ministry said.


What does the above mean exactly?

The Saudis have refused to increase oil production and that means higher prices all round!

All that can be agreed upon is to cooperate towards peace and stability in the Middle East – what?

The Japanese need to start covering roofs with solar panels double quick otherwise they’re gonna run out of power…

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It appears that saudi is more interested in doing business with Japan than the USA

I predict a big flip-flop of Japan relationships with the west.

Not looking good for the USA

-2 ( +4 / -6 )

Phew !

Alfie you are so clever and quite accurate.

Thanks for that !

"It's not snake oil thats fer sure" !

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Strategic partnership is solid

Geeze...i bet Biden is absolutely livid about the blossoming relationship that Japan has with Saudi.

Its good news for Japan !

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Kyo,we have 100 of million of barrels,that can be transported less than 3 hours to a refinery

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A good trade relations with the Saudis is good for Japan. Japan won’t do like what the US did begging for oil when there is too much oil to produce in the US. This is the illogical green policy of the left.

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Then pay what we ask!

That's also the motto of Russia/Iran/China and others in their bloc. The new bosses are little different from the old US/UK/NATO/West. The new world order will be / is governed by those controlling the fossil economy and the resources required to keep the fossil industries spewing pollution and keeping wars going for the ruling caste to have more territory and resources. We're on a loop to nowhere as long as we remain stuck in the fossil era.

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Every time we have gas crises dating back to 1973 we the consumers beg oil producers for more cheap oil, and they comply at a very expensive human cost, all they ask from us is just to look the other way and turn a blind eye putting our Values and way of life on the side.

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Oil is Japan's greatest energy import with 36% of imports from Saudi. Oil imports are about 40% of total energy imports.

Japan consumed most of its oil in transportation (38%), industrial (24%), and non-energy use (16%).

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Trying to compare the USA petroleum resources to saudi petroleum resources is most comical and amusing .

You might ponder why Japan isn't interested in relying on USA oil .

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Don’t you know that the Saudis made a security/weapons deal with Putin so they are not worried at all for any US American weapons ban.

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This is exactly the reason, some countries in the world, led by USA, has little credibility. One moment, when they are referring to China, of course, they do not have the courage/credibility to name it, talked about not accepting/dealing/excluding countries with surpassingly autocrat leaders. Then next, they do something like this, Biden meeting/dealing/being friendly with the autocrats from the ME, Japanese leaders, doing exactly the same. This demonstrated the truth, its not autocrat, its the country concern, trying to stop/keep a country/any country from rising/challenging their hegemony/influence. Of course, you are free/just like everyone else to do what you want, just do not try to fool others/yourself?? Thinking that just because you shout more often/loudest, people believe you. The world is not the fool you think it is.

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Kyo,we have just as much oil as the Saudis ,but it nothing to brag about

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Kyo, Japanese dependent on the US emotionally

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Hey as long as he is our homicidal dictator anything he does is OK, isn’t it?

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The 46th went to Saudi Arabia to beg for oil but the Saudis decline. This increased the price of oil per barrel and breached the $100 mark. Instead of helping the price of oil to go down, he actually made it worse after his Middle East trip. He should just resign because he is senile, frail, and doesn’t have the mental capacity to govern. This is literally the third term of the Kenyan if you think about it.

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