Japan says China has built another gas drilling facility in contested sea


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If the rig is on the Chinese side then why the article?

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Japan should do some exploration just on their side of the line ASAP. Do some underground turns while they are at it to see if there's anything on the Chinese side. Beat China at their own game.

It isn't like Japan would be paying for this. There are plenty of companies they could lease their areas in the sea to gain quick access. Just a few coast guard vessels on patrols in the area are needed and they need those to keep track that China isn't overstepping anyway.

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The facility is located on the Chinese side of a Tokyo-proposed median line separating the nations' exclusive economic zones in the sea

As opposed to the Japanese side of a Beijing-proposed median line, which would make more sense. Maybe this is an error.

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China can’t be trusted!

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Judging by Kishida’s constant smiling and giggling, he just got the job of boss of NATO Indo-Pacific region. That means anything to criticize China, NATOs Dr Evil. Expect more everyday.

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Where's the problem, China is exploring on the Chinese side. Stop stirring up trouble where none exists.

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Fly planes over it and claim they're in Japanese sea and air space. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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Did you think they were actually going to do anything


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There is not Japan's gas!

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There is not Japan's gas!

Might not be China's either, and of the two of them its just China that is building drilling facilities to take something that may or may not be theirs.

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Japan is whining and whimpering again

Of course Japan stole it from the Ryukyu kingdom anyway when they illegally invaded and colonized the area

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How about putting in rigs on your own side of the median line rather than complain China got in first? Objections do not get resources, and if China taps the fields while Japan does nothing then Japan can object to itself for it's inaction.

If China trys to stop Japan from drilling on Japans side of the line THEN you can perhaps take more serious actions.

Basically, get off your backside and go get your resources while they remain in the ground to get. If you dont want them then there is no point objecting to China's actions.

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There is no problem here, they are on their side of the line.

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Where's the problem, China is exploring on the Chinese side. Stop stirring up trouble where none exists.

There is no accepted treaty. It hasn't been signed.

It is a trap if Japan accepts this location.

Japan and China agreed on joint gas development in the area in 2008, but negotiations were suspended in 2010 when bilateral tensions increased following a Chinese trawler's collision with a Japan Coast Guard vessel.

Japan regards the median line as the demarcation line between the two neighbors under domestic law, but China says its EEZ extends much further.

Seems China wants Japan to accept something reasonable, but will then try to get Japan to accept something else, which isn't agreed "China says its EEZ extends much further" too. It is a trap. Give them 2 weeks to remove the platforms or come back to the table to work on the joint gas development agreement.

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Japan is not ready to pump the gas out, that is what they are protesting about!

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