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Japan says it will hold fresh talks with N Korea on abductions


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God Japan is so gullible! Investigate what? The North Korean government already has all the information needed. They give a little and take a lot. When they have enough, they cut ties and send missiles over Japan! When will Japan learn???

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I can see this leading nowhere... Again... You have NK at a meeting and you start demanding what they NEED to do with offering anything.

Yeah lol ok

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I am not sure if the North Korean /Japan or both acted like a drowning man trying to catch at a straw.

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If there are two countries it's a fool's errand discussing honest negotiations with, it's China and North Korea. Just look at the way they treat their own civilians. Japanese politicians seem hideously slow at catching up on the information the rest of the world knows.

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Good for them, hoping for the best.

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Of all the adjectives to describe these "talks," "fresh" would not be my first choice...

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I suppose Japan will offer the carrot as usual such as allowing some medical supplies and some other things Kim may request and will get zilch in return but promises.

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Although it is kind of contradicting that NK asks for lifting sanctions against them in exchange for returning Japanese people THEY abudcuted, we Japanese and Japanese government still have to work hard on the issue and bring back all our people whatever it takes. Until the last abuductee comes back home, the issue will never be completed.

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Glad Japan hasn't given up.

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