Japan says S Korea must rebuild trust to facilitate talks on trade


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Diplomacy is working. In the end, both sides have to contact and satisfy each other, that is all happiness about.

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Actually all it takes is a phone call from Trump to Abe san to restart the trade talks.

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"Actually all it takes is a phone call from Trump to Abe san to restart the trade talk"

Actually, all it takes is for Moon to agree to international arbitration.

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All it takes is for the SK president to grow up, as well as its citizens who blindly drink from the "Japan is evil" Kool aid.

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All it takes is for Japan stop being vague and spell out in rational terms just what their beef really is,

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Shows the double standard of the Japanese government.

On the one side, they have trust issues when it comes to trade, on the other side, they don't have trust issues when it comes to sharing military information and want to maintain GSOMIA.

It's funny how Japan can accuse South Korea for leaking materials into North Korea (without any evidence), when Japan itself couldn't control equipment used for military leaking into North Korea.

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