Japan says N Korea's missile launches won't affect bilateral talks


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What else can Japan say? It is most times mute until the U.S. operator switches on the rermote.

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Their missile launches should affect talks, as in not have any. North Korea doesn't deserve talks, nor any other form of respect. No aid whatsoever. Time to just shut down everything to do with them. Diplomacy with North Korea is a joke.

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If Japan ignores N. Korea due to previous relations then how is Abe any better then Kim jong un no I think if this talks in Beijing can go smoothly then maybe overall aggression of n. Korea will settle down plus it be a big step for Japanese -Korean relations.

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Japan should talk with north korea... In the end... thats what politicians do. Aside wasting our money

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It’s so classic, Abe’s foreign policy is, let’s say, often bridled by his personal shortsightedness, wishful thinking and desperation, take your pick!

Similar to his Russian card which has already on its way to the trash bin , his N.K diplomacy game is more likely used by his opponent to do its political window-dressing.

Is Abe able to learn ? (or you just can't teach old dogs new tricks)

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It's amazing that the U.S. has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, sent weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria and is trying to stop Putin's invasion of the Ukraine, but North Korea does what it does an the world sends them money and food, with little a word about it.

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I am not a supporter of PM Abe and this adds on to the list. They're all the time launching missiles in our direction, we're one of their would-be targets. There should be no talks with North Korea until:

They return, apologize and disclose all the information about the kidnapped Japanese citizens. They relinquish nuclear weapons. They renounce communism
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Japan is so very worried about North Korea`s nuclear missiles, while Japan is concentrating on radiating everyone in Japan with all of the 50 reactors that they have surrounding the whole country. When will the Japanese politicians stop thinking with their butts!!!

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