Deadline looming, Japan struggles to elude Trump tariff threat

By Leika Kihara and Kaori Kaneko

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That noble peace prize recommendation for Trump doesn't look like it worked out too well Mr Abe.

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I don't know what the fuss is. Doesn't abe know that he holds the cards? trump NEEDS this before the election. Hold out until there's a guarantee that there won't be an increase in tariffs on the auto industry.

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Don't worry Abe, he's your buddy. Your best friend, a golfing buddy. He loves shaking your hand, patting your back. He loves you.

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may have averted giving away too much in trade talks...

Huh? Every article on JT said that Abe did give away too much.

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There has been no agreement other than a memorandum to continue talking. LDP are at risk of really annoying JA lobby if they sign anything. Thankfully a fair percentage of both are probably not going to wake up in the near future.

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Hind kissing can only get you so far. Popcorn out!!

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One year, four months, and ten days left.

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trump NEEDS this before the election

No he doesn't. The Democrats are going to lose it all by themselves. All Trump has to do is not get us into any needless wars and avoid a major economic depression to win.

One year, four months, and ten days left.

Until Jan 20, 2025? You need to recalculate.

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The US needs China and Japan to finance its spending. Trade deficits allow the US to spend more than it can afford, the budget deficit. The more you spend (trade) the more it comes back to you (bonds). Trump should let the free market be.

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"the government will only facilitate purchases by subsidizing storage fees"

So, ultimately taxpayers are to pay the subsidies.

This doesn't sound like my Father's free trade deal.

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