Kishida's U.S. visit could come before yearend


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why does PM Kishida need to rush to meet President Biden after their exchange during the COP26 on Saturday? Is there a reason or is this just a formality/political thing (for who?)/just to make China upset?

Just curious on opinions.

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Biden might actually start wondering if he's going senile as he's already seen two PMs in his short term so far as President.

Biden: Hey, Yoshi... err... you look different! To be honest, you got a lot younger. Glad you got some glasses for those rheumy-looking eyes, at least. (aide whispers in his ear) Again?! Another one? Sheesh. Ah, well, Mr. Kishida... hmmm... should I bother? It'll be that Kouno guy in like four months.

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just a waste of money

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Biden got enough business, he do not need an insecure Japanese politician, trying to score brownie points

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Yes quarantine in A ski resort

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Will he have to quarantine when he comes back?

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Why all the rush to visit US?

Washington will call Tokyo when it is time for their leaders to meet..

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