Japan says trade talks with U.S. under new framework won't start until June


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Pic shows the Pleiades constellation.

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Interesting picture - Subaru make their own cars in the USA at their Indiana factory, one of the big success stories of Japanese car makers.

The cars in the picture are certainly not going to the USA!

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"We're not thinking of signing a bilateral FTA,"

Japan you are not thinking of signing ANY FTA (free trade agreement). Japan would not know free trade if it bit them on the behind. They only know how to block imports and protect their farmers

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USA is a tough country to deal with FTA or TPP (even before Trump) , if USA wants only their ways with others, let it go isolated from others and find the economy itself blackout or worse with Trump policies+all that BS, and finally to be awaken next election government. But for sure, will lose a lot to China and EU where Japan is pushing on impulsive actions of commerce. The doom isn't Japan even Abe will be there, Japan always will find new routes of business. I hope that things are not going what I mentioned before, to be truth.

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U. S. A. - Stay the course. A bilateral, one on one, free trade agreement only.

Japan must dismantle the many hidden barriers that drive up the cost of American imports.

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Motegi is treading water with delaying tactics hoping America will back down. It is not only agriculture that Japan is afraid of, Japan has many hidden trade barriers for soft lines and hard lines as well.

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theeastisredToday 05:18 pm JSTPic shows the Pleiades constellation.

Of course! 'Subaru' is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster. I'm an amateur astronomer - I know this.

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 Japan has many hidden trade barriers

such as nobody wants to buy US products?

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Some know little about trade, yet they make off the cuff comments.

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Japan can forget about dealing with the USA as long as that ill-mannered Spanky Don is running the show. Japan and the other members of TPP are going to have do everything for themselves because you can't rely on an obnoxious ignoramus like Trump. He's undependable, overbearing, selfish, unworkable with, boorish, undiplomatic and untrustworthy. Nobody likes him because he's just a spoilsport who's not fit for any social, economic, diplomatic meetings. He's a sociopath and the whole world should go over his head because he's not good for anything.

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such as nobody wants to buy US products?

Yes they do by billions of dollars.

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The reason for the delay is so that Japan has time go make arrangements wtih China to move into the Chinese economy. US is the past, China is the future.

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The cars in the picture are certainly not going to the USA!

Subaru Indiana manufactures Legacy, Outback, and Impreza.

The model in the photo is the Forester, so it could indeed be heading toward the US.


such as nobody wants to buy US products?

Never heard of Intel CPUs, Boeing Jets, and iPhones?

Japanese loooooove them.

Japan's national fast food, Gyudon, is made only with US beef.

As for US autos, they will sell in Japan if they are named Hondas and Toyotas, not GM and Fords.

So Trump just should pressure Japanese automakers to import back what they produce in the US, problem solved.

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Samit Basu

As for US autos, they will sell in Japan if they are named Hondas and Toyotas, not GM and Fords.

I'm not so sure. I've read newspaper articles about Japanese 'motorheads' (US slang for 'car engine hobbyists' + enthusiasts ) loving American model cars and tinkering with their engines as a hobby. They love to 'toy' with American model cars just like American 'motorhead' hobbyists do here and they admire the workmanship. Big question is - are these cars suitable for Japanese driving?, because in the US we drive in the right lane and in Japan people drive in the left.

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