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Abe says Trump supports Olympic postponement 100%


U.S. President Donald Trump fully supports a delay in the Tokyo Olympics agreed between Japan and the international Olympic panel, a Japanese government spokesman said on Wednesday, citing comments made to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in a telephone call.

"President Trump repeatedly said the postponement is an excellent and wise decision," Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Akihiro Nishimura told a news briefing. "There was a remark that he supports Prime Minister Abe's stance 100%."

On Tuesday, the Tokyo Games were postponed to 2021, for the first time in the event's 124-year modern history, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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So what.

Every leader supports the olympic postponement.

Only reason for this beat-up is to assign some gloss to Abe by association with the leader(?) of the free world and to add somehow, some value to Trumps utterings.

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Abe really needs to stop being Trump's poodle... does he admire him or something?

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Thats pretty funny to read since we all know it was pressure from gaikoku that made Abe change his mind....he was the last one that wanted to do it.....Japanese media trying to spin it as Shinzo,s idea in the first place is pathetic. Then again since Shinzo controls Jmedia almost as well as the next communist dictator its not all that surprising.

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Abe really needs to stop being Trump's poodle... does he admire him or something?

Abe admires Trump,Trump in turn Putin.Putin? Russian prostitutes? Claimed they were the best in the world,didn't he?

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What kind of garbage propaganda is? Abe making it seem like that it was his idea to postpone it when in fact it was Trump who suggested to Abe. And the only reason why Abe eventually decided to postpone it was to save face from all the boycotts. Pathetic.

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Olympic teams were ramping up cancellations-Abe’s decision, it was not...

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Wow, that is so important!!!

Trump supports 100%!!!

Abe-san should give a medal to Trump.

I will never forget the face of Abe-san after he escaped the 19 seconds handshake...

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Who cares what Trump says? It'll be a different story 3 hours from now.

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Well then!!!

If Donald the great supports the delay, Abe-san can safely accept the inevitable.

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And? Abe, you need to be the leader and stop worrying about what other world leaders think. Of course the right thing to do in this case is to postpone the Olympics and if that means for an indefinite amount of time, so be it.

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I (and others) was saying this well before Abe heard it from Trump, and Trump barely heard it until the suggestion was making it's rounds through the average person commenting online and offline around the world well before that.

Get a backbone Abe.

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Oh thank goodness. I was afraid he might not have gotten Daddy’s permission.

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