Japan says it won't submit new U.N. rights motion against N Korea

By Fabrice Coffrini

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Time for a new approach.

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Abe, who rose to national political fame with his hardline stance against North Korea, has toned down his rhetoric against Pyongyang as U.S. President Donald Trump actively courts Kim, holding their second meeting earlier this month in Vietnam.

Since master Trump is being nice to Kim, so should slave Abe

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No one ever accused Japan of being a leader but at least they’ve woken up, smelt the coffee and playing a smart game.

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U are very correct Aly if master says so, the slave must follow.

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I understand why he's doing this but make no mistake, human rights abuses are appalling in the DPRK. I hope the long-suffering people are not forgotten in all this.

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Human rights abuses are repent in many countries supported by the US in the Middle East (UAE, Israel, ...). Human rights abuses are also rampant in the US. What is the point in registering human rights motions when the US does nothing? Until the UN gets from under the heel of the US, nothing will be done.

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Extremely good and wise move decided by PM Abe. Things do appear to be improving in NK, the right signals are being made, for example the ceasing of missile tests. The nation is getting strong, and appears to be willing to work with freedom-loving nations like US and Japan.

The release of the kidnappees By Chairman Kim is the final piece of the puzzle, and will result in NK joining Japan at the table to discuss big development collaboration.

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Why would Abe even bother?

Do people here realized what happened with Trump? Why would anyone think what Abe does to appease Kim would do any ounce of good? This is a man and country that indoctrinates hatred of all things Japanese, even in Japan through North Korean schools and double agents.

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