Japan secures extra cost cuts on U.S. F-35 fighter jet package

By Tim Kelly and Nobuhiro Kubo

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Japan’s splurge on U.S. equipment has put a strain on its finances. In 2016 procurement through the Foreign Military Sales system totaled 485.8 billion yen compared with 117.9 billion yen three years earlier.

Blame the defense budget....don't blame Abe for spending billions, upon, billions, in ODA, on infrastructure to nowhere, etc etc etc. Strain? Obviously written by a dove.

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Total waste of money.

The only thing Abe does well.

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War machines are a waste of money When their is a bigger problem fixing up Tepco,s mess Where this money could go or to those displaced because of the melt down from neglect to have backup generation that worked for cooling water.

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So when does FRP (full-rate production) quantities start? Because that's when the real "savings" start - supposedly, as the initial releases in LRIP typically have quality control or performance issues that don't get resolved until FRP. Still its hard to say that a 5th Gen military jet for nearly $90 is a bargain, when the Israelis announced on CNN that the current tech on the fighter will be obsolete in about a year. Thanks guys.

Anyway - this latest press release seems to be nothing more than just smoke, mirrors, and misdirection - as the US Air Force's budget for 2017 had anticipated an even greater price reduction of $85 million per jet (for the F-35A - the non-"harrier" version), which is $10 million off of the already "good and fair deal" of $95 million just announced.

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We wouldnt need all these planes if we didnt have China and North Korea

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With China continuing to up the ante, Japan doesn't have much choice.

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Japan has the best negotiator in White House now. Thanks to the president F35 is cheaper.

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Total waste of money.

So Japan should use more or less outdated F-15 instead?

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Very qustionable deal. F-35 is too costly, untested, with a host of still unresolved problems. In Nov.2016 Canada cancelled its plans to buy 65 F-35s. Why Japan should buy it? Better develop its own fighter plane.

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if advanced military equipment deters enemies and ultimately keeps the peace, then it is money well spent.

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beets me why money needs to be spent this way we need to get rid of poverty first world wide including Japan and the Philippines

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That's good. The original price of that F-35 is terribly expensive. I think there is not enough money to buy them in Japan.

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