Japan security adviser urges thaw in frosty ties with S Korea


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Not so long ago, things were really looking up for ties between Japan and South Korea. Then came the politics, and the hate was not far behind.

A summit had been an annual ritual for the two countries until 2012. But Park has shunned one with Abe, although they met in a trilateral summit with US President Barack Obama in March.

Need I say it?

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we have apologized over and over throughout the decades, yet it never seems to be enough! i do not believe it is right for japan to live on its knees for its crimes almost 70 years ago, especially since we have made sincere efforts to repent only to have everyone say it is not good enough! i say let the chinese and koreans bitch and moan all they want, at least when war comes we will know who we want to fight by our side!

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Would ABE sincerely apologize to Korea for aggravating the neighbors since his second term? Probably not.... this move by Japanese Security official is also to alert the Koreans that cooperation between the two Nation is urgently required regarding the issues surrounding North Korea.

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Japan has been cheated by the Americans in its geopolitics. 100 years later Japanese people will openly admit that. But right now it's too dangerous to say. American guns are too close.

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