Japan seeks additional preconditions for U.S.-N Korea summit


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So once again, Japan is throwing up roadblocks to any form of meeting or possible agreement with the North. If the US tried to implement these preconditions of course North Korea would say no to the meeting. I'm guessing the US will listen to Japan and then go ahead and do what they had planned, just paying lip service to Kono, Abe and the LDP hawks that want nothing to do with any kind of agreement with Kim!

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the abduction issue is dead, Japan. You should have done something in the 70s... Too late stop bringing it up. US and NK are on the precipice of historical agreements please stop being a little barking chihuahua on the sideline

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Japan can make all the requests it wants to, but Trump being Trump is going to do what ever he wants and screw everyone else.

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Abe is annoying. This is moment of Trump. Abe lost his. Not so long ago, many people in this forum suggested Abe to talk to Kim. It was almost a unanimous recommendation. Had Abe acted upon it, he would be in much better position now. It is time for Abe to be quiet. Don't upset Kim so that he might reject the talk, unless that is Abe's goal !

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What the heck kind of a ridiculous LDP posturing is this? Japan is not invited so has zero leverage in seeking " pre conditions" for the summit between US and NK.

What has stopped Shinzo from solving the abduction issue over the past 5 years?... Unfortunately for the families LDP only uses the issue for political point scoring when they have a domestic problem ala Moritomo or an election is due.

By now that must be crystal clear to everyone .....then again TIJ.

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Japan's lobbying of the Trump administration reflects concern that issues linked to Tokyo such as North Korea's abductions of Japanese nationals in the 1970s and 1980s and its development of medium-range ballistic missiles may get sidelined because the Trump-Kim summit appears to be primarily focused on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

I'm sorry Abe-san, but the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is much more important an issue than the abductions.  The abductions were a terrible thing and I don't mean to down play it. Five of them were returned and NK says that the other eight have died.  As horrible as it is, we need to move on.  Is appeasing eight families a higher priority than the safety and security of the entire country?  Let's focus on the primary threat to the entire region and perhaps the entire planet.

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Definition of U.S.-N Korea summit:

a summit between US and North Korea. I don't see the word Japan anywhere in that phrase. Is Abe also going to tell Trump what he can or cannot eat during the summit?

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I am tired about hearing of the abductions. There is no comparison with them and nuclear war.

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Good on the government to bring these up so they have been officially raised with the US.

The only people who actually want to keep NK’s medium range missiles that cover all of Japan are Japan’s enemies and those in the country will be the first to be dispatched in case conflict breaks out

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Good on Japan for keeping Moon on his toes here. He will sell out Japan in a heartbeat, such is his quality, so this will ensure he does so at his own risk.

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Well if North Korea is allowed to keep their medium range ballistic missiles which puts Japan in range, then there should be no opposition to Japan developing a massive nuclear ballistic missile arsenal that can wipe out all of North Korea in 10 minutes

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I believe that America will attack anyway so just be prepared.

Already family in South Korea of military I told to evacuate going to happen

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If one thing is clear, trying to impose any pre conditions before holding talks NEVER works. Attempting to do this mostly stops talks from happening at all.

Everyone wants the Nukes to be given up except North Korea.

As for Missiles, well every country has the right to have Missiles like they have the right to have bullets and tanks and planes. No point trying to get missiles banned as they know how to make them and could build them again in a short time even if they scrapped all they have now.

These talks need to focus on denuclearization of North Korea, a peace treaty and normalisation of relations with North korea.

Japan can hold its own talks with North Korea and state its requests at that point.

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Good on Japan for keeping Moon on his toes here. He will sell out Japan in a heartbeat, such is his quality

Lol..what is that? . Last I knew Moon was elected leader of SK , why should he look after Japan,s interests thats Shinzo,s job.

Are there trolls on this site?

Obviously...like any other site this gets regularly patrolled ( and occasionally swamped depending on article ) by the right wing , LDP connected net army " volunteers" . In this case just compare the number of downvotes/ upvotes to the number of positive / negative comments above ( or many other articles concerning right wing political agenda ) and u,ll get the picture. Plain to see.

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Japan can make all the requests it wants to, but Trump being Trump is going to do what ever he wants and screw everyone else.

Yep, definitely agree with that one.

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Reminds me of that line from Caddyshack: "You'll get nothing and like it!"


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The US and Japan should take a step back, and allow the DPRK and the ROK to reach an accommodation, after which they can get involved, along with Russia and China. They can make their concerns clear to negotiators for the ROK prior to the bi-lateral talks, but should not attempt to dictate terms.

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Unless Kim Dynasty GUARANTEE that they will dismantle nuclear program (under UN supervisor); launch no more test missiles permanently; and resolve the Japanese abductees situation once and for all, then Japan WILL NOT accept USA having uni-lateral meetings with NK regime.

It is expected Trump and Michael Pence will accept this advice from Abe-san and Aso-san.

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In diplomatic terms it goes like this :

We note what you say Mr. Kono. All the best and have a good journey back to Japan.

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Just another way of saying, Japan is not happy about on coming Trump-Kim Meeting and throwing its road blocks. How about two hundred thousand Korean girls and eight hundred thousand Korean boys and men who were taken as comfort women and forced labourers by Japanese Government during WW ll. Most of them killed’ disappeared and survivors are not compensated adequately.

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Japanlikes to irritate Trump.

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Reminds me of that line from Caddyshack: "You'll get nothing and like it!"

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