Japan seeks ASEAN backing on China with $20 bil pledge


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So Abe is not only wasting the country's money inspite of the actual economic situation, he 's also kind of bribing ASEAN...

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Abe shame to japan.

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Is that where all of our tax money is going? To other Asian countries? I though Japan is raising taxes to help its rebuilding from after the 2011 earthquake or is that all just hot air...

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Exactly, PM Abe is spending hard earned tax dollars like it is his pocket change. I thought the tax dollars were to go to the reconstruction effort of the region hard hit by the earthquake, tsunami natural disasters and subsequent nuclear meltdowns. But this area it seems must take care of themselves with locals doing the decontamination. Not including TEPCO mind you, all it has to do is sneeze and Yen is put in TEPCO's hands. PM Abe is doing flashy actions but at the end of the day will it truly be an asset to Nihon... Ignoring the hard work of reconstruction does not make it go away. Ignoring the plights of the evacuees does not make them go away...

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What a waste. Every one of those ASEAN countries will take the money and run. They will not come to Japan's aid if China wants conflict.

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PM Abe needs to be very careful in using money diplomacy . He can create an idea " that if China puts more pressure on Japan , ASEAN will get more money"! One just can not count on that type of" friendship."

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Well good for Abe I say. Better than China's incessant saber rattling.

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“Together with ASEAN, I want to build the future of Asia where laws, rather than power, rule, and people who worked hard will be rewarded—which would lead to a prosperous society with mutual respect.”

OMG what a lunatic. It feels like the 1930's all over again. This fascist nutjob is going to ruin us all.

But seriously, well done Mr Abe. Keep plugging away. You have the support of the majority of the citizens and certainly the business community. Visiting every ASEAN member nation at least once to build relations and make investments, keeping the lines open with Putin ... these are very smart moves. And moves that work to stabilize the region. Its beyond sad that some folks are so set on hating Mr Abe that they can't even acknowledge some of the good work he has done.

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perhaps it will be better to discuss new approaches to such problems with asian neighbors (perhaps including china) rather than giving money (for supports) as if there will be any forthcoming military conflict. i know each country has its own way to approach this problem, but if they are not allowed to share their opinions, but just giving money and thats it, i don't know if that will work.

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How can one be so profligate with money one doesn't have?

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I am so glad to see that Japan is start doing what the West do so well. To serve others, to share and to spread friendship, knowledge and trust. To do things together.

It is possible to go further when doing things together.

You, japanese people, must stay with Abe, he is doing an incredibly good Job.

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So, using less than a month's inflow of cash to counter a totalitarian oligarchy (China) is a waste of money? I suggest you people take off your rose-colored glasses.

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In long term, that money won't be wasted for Japanese tax payers. Japan needs ASEAN Group and ASEAN Group needs Japan for economically and strategy for peace and stability in region especially in East and South China seas. Communist China should positive engagement with its neighboring countries. It will be benefit for Chinese peoples. Current Communist Chinese Government confrontation policy won't be working at all. Look, S. Korean Government though Communist Chinese Government is friendlier toward S.Korea than Japan but now S. Korean Government know it's completely wrong.

Most of ASEAN members' country has problems with Communist Chinese Government. The only way fighting back Communist Chinese Government is unity in region and let Communist Chinese leaders know "you can't be bully us and we are united". Also I believe Communist Chinese leaders will rethink their confrontation policy with its neighbor time being.

Chinese Government control Companies and S. Korea Companies are aggressively investing in natural resource sector and manufacturing in ASEAN countries. Japanese Companies are concentrating in Africa. Japan needs to change it economy strategy turning to Asia especially to ASEAN countries and India. Japanese tax payers should not feel Government is wasting money for nothing.

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I don't buy the whole hippie-liberal "working together" dribble. Even though I agree with Japan's move, what they are basically buying is influence.

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Abe is a good president. That money will open many markets for Japan. The money sure is for paying in 20 years and even for projects made by Japan like mitsubishi coal power plants. Many many ways to help

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All one hears about are the loans. Has there ever been verification and publication of repayment of any loan? Probably not. 8% consumption tax to pay for social security and national debt? Good-bye economic growth.

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How can Japan this is supposedly the most overborrowed in the advanced world afford such generosity? I bet that Japan's true public finances are far stronger than what others been led to believe. The Japanese government’s liabilities may be large, but it is important to take a look at its assets. What is clear is that the Japan goverment is increasingly borrowing from the Japanese public not to finance out-of-control government spending at home but rather abroad. Japan has long been the lender of last resort to both the U.S. and British governments.

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A co-prosperity zone? Natsukashiiiiiiiiiii!

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