Japan seeks G7 endorsement on discharge of Fukushima treated water


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just make free with the largesse when they all come for the beanfea.... I mean G7 Leaders' Meeting in May, and all will be as you wish

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The water is not such a problem - it's been well-treated and will be diluted to oblivion.

It's the soil that is a problem. Fukushima farming will take a generation to recover.

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Why is China or South Korea,not part of the G7,their economy is bigger than most European

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Just give them some omiyage.Job done.

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In other news, Japan plans to start up a bunch of old reactors to curb soaring energy prices.


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As Laguna said above, soil dispersal is a real problem. Some years ago I remember that they made bricks for roadside flowerbeds etc., with radioactive spoil from around the uranium mine at Ningyō Tōge.

Quote from above article: “As for the topsoil soil extracted in decontamination work in Fukushima, the government plans to dispose of it outside the prefecture. In order to reduce the amount of topsoil removed, the Environment Ministry plans to reuse the soil with other low-level radioactive materials in public works projects.”

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Playing game?? If, looking for consensus, the government should be looking for consensus from countries which might be affected, IE, surrounding countries. Going to the G7?? Just playing games, doing for the sake of doing, fooling no one.

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Why is China or South Korea,not part of the G7,their economy is bigger than most European

Because it is a group of 7 nations that have similar interests inline with each other.

China is a dictatorship and their interests are not inline with the G7.

Don't forget it was called the G8 with Russia included but since their interests are no longer inline with they other 7 nations they have been kicked out. Hope that answers your question.

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Weasel like politicking shows it’s rancid head!

Ask the people (in Fukushima) with elevated levels of radiation in their bodies what they feel about more radiation being added to the mix.

I’ve met refugees from there that will never return.

Compared with those people,G7 heads know next to nothing about the situation

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the government plans to dispose of it outside the prefecture

Yes simple reason spreed the contamination to spread the risk of cancer to show the rise in cancer is not limited to Fukushima and the surrounding area there by removing evidence that would tie the area to a rise in cancer saving 100's of Billions of Yen in payouts to cancer patients from Fukushima.

(This is just an Opinion I have no evidence to back it up)

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Actually, radioactivity has been purposefully spread all over right from the start of the 2011 tragedy.

Radioactive waste for incineration has been transported as far away as Kyushu and Osaka.

The waste has found it’s way into building materials, road surfaces,car tyres, green tea,beer and even feed for cattle!

Precipitation and burning has carried radioactivity right into Japan’s capital too.

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but you still live here.

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How about asking our neighbors who will be directly effected?

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The Japanese government is looking for a foreign "scapegoat" when this turns out bad. They will claim that "the foreigners" gave them bad advice!

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it's happening...

The actual narrative is that "the foreigners" , the American engineers, told the Japanese to put the backup generators at sea level.

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GE told TEPCO to install the backup generators on the hill behind the plant but TEPCO didn't want to pay the additional costs. The same with the water-cooling fans.

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Hopefully, they'll agree on this phrase. Otherwise, this operation may become subject to endless polemic and may be abused by Beijing or Pyongyang against Japan.

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going to happen with our without the endorsement, so it's really a request to G7 nations for supporting Japan diplomatically

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