Japan seeks stronger cybersecurity to counter China, Russia threats


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I would have thought that by now America and Japan would have the strongest cybersecurity to combat any other country. I am wrong.

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I can just imagine he cybersecurity experts in the Japanese government.

"Sir, I just received a fax about a new technology that stops all viruses. It's called a McAfee. We can use the service for just 25 million yen per month via the exclusive Japan supplier, and never have to worry about viruses again."

"Great work! That leaves us an extra 5 million yen a month in our budget. Let's use it to go on a fact finding trip in Bora Bora. Don't forget to pack the sunscreen."

"I already tried to make a reservation, sir. But they don't seem to have a fax machine."

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You won't get anywhere in cybersecurity if you don't learn English.

Japan is severely handicapped.

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Japan is such an easy target that hackers wouldn't find it fun.

Plus, I doubt Russia/China are interested in carrying out Japan cyberattacks.

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Have you ever been in:


There are so many attack vectors I have to restrict myself from doing it.

They don't even have the SSL on.

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They say it's never too late. But in this case, Japan has already missed the train, and it is too late. Maybe 10-15 years ago this would have been justifiable, but given the current situation and the fact that more and more things are moving into the online space, Japan is absolutely not ready.

In our company, we see this both in private companies and, more recently, in semi-state organisations and, to some extent, in municipal authorities. SSL? Encrypted mail? DNSSEC? And these are absolutely basic things. What's absolutely incredible is the unseparated VLANs in e.g. offices, where they have their own WIFI for clients, which is in the same VLAN as the other traffic. SQL and XSS injection attack are also common on many official sites. This is what one would expect maybe on a personal website that someone made for a few yen.

as @commanteer said, it is pretty much like that.

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Do they {Russia,China} feels interest to intervene Japan's politics? Doubtful!

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I don’t think that it is so dramatic as you describe it. Just think, who still ‘owns’ it all here. They have their crews of experts in relevant places here and can of course all speak English, better than you and me. lol In addition, the hybrid system of IT and Hanko or fax machines is quite an advantage in this field. You smile about it, but think it over. If the hacker intruded and made all the data for a million transaction ready…but the Kakaricho of the bank doesn’t give the money physically free with Hanko if in any smallest doubt… Game over for the hacker. You really laughed too fast I am sure. Admitted, some smaller sh* happens sometimes like everywhere else too.

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There is no probelm with cyber attacks in Japan, did you forget the minister in charge of the internet and computers in this country has never even turned on a computer, how is he going to get cyber attacked ? C'mon man...

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You won't get anywhere in cybersecurity if you don't learn English.

LOL, you know most code is math based right? And in AI and higher programming languages, English is non existent. other than the letters.

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Stop using Windows 95! Stop putting oyajis in charge of departments that they do not understand like cutting edge technology and IT. Stop trusting China and Russia because of money! Stop thinking the Japanese way is always the best way because “We are unique!”

There are countries, companies, and organizations far more advanced and more experienced than Japan in using technology for military advantage. Get some help!

Honestly, the only reason Japan has not already been seriously hacked because in some ways Japan has not integrated more technology into their government functions. Many government jobs still use a lot of paperwork and fax machines. Many departments are not connected electronically. The fax is still king.

Finally, stop expecting the US to save you if anything dangerous happens.

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Have you ever heard the word ransomware?


You gotta be faster than hackers closing backdoors and zero-day exploits.

All security related info is in English, nobody bothers to translate that to Japanese.

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Have you ever heard the word ransomware?

Yes, of course. I’m in IT since late 80’s, I know everything. And I don’t care much, because I know how to handle all that bs, be it done by old professionals or green oh so cool newbies.

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The j-gov is famous for its obscurity.

They will never admit being hacked.

Probably all their infrastructure its been abused by hackers daily.

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Plus, I doubt Russia/China are interested in carrying out Japan cyberattacks.

Of course they are. Why wouldn't they be? And triple down if the US and China go to war.

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Just like 7-11 had when they opened up everyone's bank accounts to hackers. Sorry Japan, I will stick with cash only in your society. IT is clueless.

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Don't waste time.

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What! @TARA TAN KITAOKA  10:05pm do You even mean with:??

@TARA TAN KITAOKA  10:05pm: “Don't waste time” -


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