Japan seeks talks with China at November summit


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The Chinese government, however, rejected the suggestion.

It's not outright rejection : "Japan must correct attitude as prerequisite for leaders' meeting:" spokesman - Qin Gang.

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I fear that China will never become a welcomed and responsible member of the international community until this Xi Jingping is out of office. Not that any average Chinese citizen has any say in it.

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“China-Japan relations are facing severe difficulty,” Qin Gang said at a regular briefing, repeating China’s objections to Abe’s visit to the war shrine and the island disputes.

Again, whatever happened to the Five Principles Communist China celebrated uh...a few weeks ago?

The Five Principles, as stated by the Panchsheel Treaty, signed on April 29, 1954, are:

Mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. Mutual non-aggression. Mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs. Equality and cooperation for mutual benefit. Peaceful co-existence.

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Gotta give Japan credit for saint like patience here. If I were running the country I'd have nothing to do with any representative of PRC.

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“If the Japanese side does not to correct its attitude or take concrete actions, the relationship between China and Japan will not recover,” Qin said.

Listen Qin, you're not getting the Senkaku Islands this decade, so why don't we drop the act? No? Thats what I thought you'd say.

It doesn't matter. If Xi refuses to meet Abe it'll only work out in Japan's favor, internationally speaking. The PRC is trying desperately to make Japan seem unreasonable, but its not going to work if Xi consistently refuses to meet with Abe.

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Ch-comm government as usual, they are the innocent ones, they've "never" antagonized or baited Japan at all.

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Their ties turned colder late last year when Abe visited a controversial Tokyo shrine

The ties had been stone cold even before that.

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Scenario of meeting of Chinese and Japanese leaders:

Japanese: Hey, lets talk. Chinese: No, u have to change your attitude and give back the Diaoyu Islands. Japanese: No, it is called the Senkaku Islands and it belongs to me, and you should repeal the ADIZ. Chinese: No, you unilaterally declared ADIZ before and expanded it twice. You should repent what u done in WW2. Japanese: No, its in the past, japan is peaceful ever since WW2. You should free Tibet and reflect on Tiananmen. Chinese: No, you should stop expanding the army and stop visiting the shrine. Japanese: No, visiting shrine is just paying respect. Stop putting up museum with the Korean to commemorate WW2 victims. Chinese: No, ....... Japanese: No, ......

(5 hours later)

Chinese (panting): No,...... No,....you., No.... Japanese (panting): No,....., No,....No,....you...No.. Third Party: Enough, you guys shake hands and be friends. Chinese and Japanese together: NOOOOOO!!!!!!

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The Japan government can dream about it, it will not happen.

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China's continued belligerence and refusal to behave diplomatically will come back to bite them in the ass. Already China is seen more and more as a "rogue country" and a "threat" to peace and stability.

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China has pretty good diplomatic relationship with almost every other country, even the US. Speaking of rouge country, Abe is even trying to make friend with NK to no avail.

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S Korea must be very happy. Last thing it wants is its new best friend China get friendly with S Korea's enemy Japan.

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LOL. Looking for every opportunity to blame S. Korea. Why you mention S. Korea for China not wanting to see Ape?

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The 4 letters word from China(QinGang), is, 非诚勿扰...If U are not sincere, then do not disturb.

China will prefer to do more businesses with S.korean, German, BRICS, Latin American and the rest of the world. Please, 非诚勿扰.

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China has pretty good diplomatic relationship with almost every other country, even the US.

Dream on. PRC has zero friends. The have nations that are indebted to them or dependent on them for weapons (like DPRK and Pakistan). They also have criminal cohorts (like Zimbabwe). But they have no friends. What you mistake for 'pretty good diplomatic relations' is just other countries trying to be polite in the ever diminishing hope that one day PRC will turn away from its thug-like policies, its communist rhetoric, and its hatred of freedom.

If you doubt any of that, please refer to the article currently on the top page of JT entitled "Hoping to project power, china finds itself alone". Alone. All alone. Utterly friendless. Here is the link:


Why you mention S. Korea for China not wanting to see Ape?

Just a spelling mistake there, right john? No slur intended, right?

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China is talking to everyone except Japan. Who says China is belligerent? Xi received a rapturous reception in SK. Merkel came to China and said people must face the history of WW2. Kerry and Lew just concluded a pretty successful summit in Beijing. The UK and China are almost on sleeping terms and even when Australia was speaking to Abe, there were missions in China. Abe thought he could try NK and NK fired 2 missiles near Japan. Nobody supports the firing of the missiles! And here people say that the world finds China belligerent and that China will bite the ass. I wonder whose ass? Like the whole world knows, Abe opened Pandora's Box and now he is haunted. His arrows have been fired and we in Asia say, "the horses went to the hills to graze.". Now he is posturing that he wants dialogue with China, but China knows that there is nothing to talk so long as he is the belligerent one, not Japan!

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Asian2014Jul. 14, 2014 - 03:10AM JST China is talking to everyone except Japan. Who says China is belligerent?

All of Asia besides the Koreas. And the rest of the world are thinking it.

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I Think this will be a great opportunity both for Japan and China to restart their relations. To be honest, everybody knows that a bigger conflict between Japan and China is impossible without escalation into a third World war. The Asian markets will be the fastest growing part of the World and there will be enough of opportunitys Booth for China and Japan. Energy crises that did hit Japan after Fukushima escalated the conflict over the Islands because of the search for Moore energy in a energy hungry World. Now there can be a deal between Iran and P% wich can bring in Moore cheap energy into the Asian markets. Iran possese the biggest gasfields in the World. Sametime there will be Moore energy from Sibiria into the Asian markets. So there is no need for Japan to Challenge China, instead it would be much better to start a deeper cooperation in bussines and sciences. For longterm it is betteer for Japan to look for opportunitys elswhere than USA.

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Xi is probably the most popular president/leader since Deng/Hu were in power.

Outside of Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Xi is probably the most popular Chinese president among the international communities. France, Germany, England, Russia basically rolled out the red carpet with unforeseen reception ceremonies greeting any Asian leaders. Some nations are begging, literally and figuratively, for Xi or Li to visit their nations. Whether or not they like China, Chinese or Xi, it doesn't matter. The only thing matter is can you be such a force that others who don't want to respect you but with no choice must respect you one way or another. Everyone is competing with everyone on one level or another. Ask any Japanese, if Japan can be strong and powerful without US's occupation and influence, you won't be able to name a single Japanese to support what US is doing to and in Japan.

Are you even paying attention to what Xi is doing inside China? He's rooting out the institutional corruptions. Then he will install parameters to combat these corruptions so that he can do what he has always done before he became president, that is reforms on all levels. Its part of the reason why he got appointed. He's a fixer.

Xi is also one of the most pro-western leader in China. Look at all the newest reforms for finance and banking in China. Just now, China is loosening its regulations for non-Chinese banking and financial institutions to obtain greater access and shares into China's consumer market. Mainly the US, UK and France. His daughter goes to Harvard should tell you something. She could've gone anywhere her father told her to go but he chose Harvard for her. That should tell you where he's leaning.

Japan could've got on China's good side but your leaders and the citizens who elected those leaders chose poorly. You could've taken advantage of the rise of China and build a strong economic alliance with China and S. Korea and formed the greatest Economic Powerhouse in all of Asia and counter EU and North America.

But Japan failed by stressing on these useless islands, shrine visits, and sex slaves issues that your neo-nationalist controlled gov't and zaibatsu just couldn't let go. Its such a shame but hey, now that you can never get back in with your neighbors, you still got the US which you will forever be dependent on. So. one for US, one for parts of Japan.

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@highball7- I am impressed. I have lived in China since 1998 and was in charge of China's business from HK since 1995. I have witnessed the performance of the leaders from Deng onwards. Now that I have retired for 7 years, I have had plenty of time traveling throughout China. I therefore agree with you totally. Since Xi and Li took over, the changes in China are spectacular for the country. I have never seen so many trees and greenery planted in so short a period of time. Local reforms are carried out throughout China and they affect everyone, from babies to the centenarians. Corruption and pollution are tackled without mercy and SOEs know that they are no longer spared the knife in pollution. Corruption is pursued in the party, banking, finance, medical, education, media, infrastructure, etc.. Doing business now is so much easier. China therefore has no wish to talk to Abe if he is only talking to the gallery! Time is on China's side. It is best that Abe get his intelligence right and change course. There is a Turkish saying, " no matter how far you have travelled on the wrong road, turn back!" Hopefully Abe can see beyond his nose instead of following wherever Xi and Li go!

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Asian2014Jul. 15, 2014 - 12:14AM JST China therefore has no wish to talk to Abe if he is only talking to the gallery! Time is on China's side. It is best that Abe get his intelligence right and change course.

How time has changed. It may seem strange today but your Mao Zedong discouraged public discourse about the Japanese invasion and waived reparations. During his reign, Nanking was far from becoming Chinese target for Japanese brutality. Why Japan became a easy target? This was when new communist leaders, transforming their country into a market economy, first began to face the problems of uneven growth, which included social unrest on a huge scale. China became desperate to boost their credibility after the killings of many unarmed protestors near Tiananmen Square in 1989, and images of the deliberate and vicious Japanese came in handy. Honoring the memories of Sino-Japanese War became main focus to the post-Cold War Chinese strategy of finding new foils internationally and fresh ideological legitimacy at home.

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Lol at the chi-comm 50-centers, highball7 and Asian2014. You guys are happy to take advantage of your freedom to post on japantoday when your countrymen are prohibited from even reading what is on here I bet.

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That's original! I often wonder what type of people would make this type of comment. You are way too childish for me to make a witty comeback. So I will refrain from having to embarrass you since they have no substance and irrelevant to the topic discussion and debate.

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I see you don't deny it.

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Deny what? Go away child.

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You and many people in here (me too) we don't debate here... we just state our guts in here.

A debate, consist in listening and discussing the ideas of the participants in a calm way and even be able to understand and comprehend the stance of your interlocutors (by that standards, most of the Political debates fail to be so though).

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Some people really make me laugh. They really are too insular or have never seen the world. In the first place, Mao is not my Mao Zedong and I have no love for him whatsoever. If you give me a Japanese Lexus car of any model or a Mao Zedong portrait, I will take the Lexus anytime. We are talking facts, not imaginary fantasy. If Abe wants to talk, of course China will talk. They just want the talks to be substantive. In a democratic society, you play to the gallery. China has no wish for that. You can accuse of China for many wrongdoings, but you cannot deny history and pretend you can still bully China. Modern China is no longer imperial China, even if it is not as strong as the US. Modern Japan is no longer imperial Japan where they were supreme in Asia. The first time that I visited Japan in 1984, I found the place so civil. What happened. The first time that I visited China in 1992, I was totally taken aback. Today, I choose to stay frequently in this country.

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Modern Japan is no longer imperial Japan where they were supreme in Asia.

So you admit that Japan is not a threat then. Why does China not be the adult and go to talks without preconditions. China should learn that it has to play to the gallery of its own citizens rather than treating them like children.

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Of course Japan is still a threat. She may not be strong like imperial Japan, but combined with the US, they are still the superior force. For this reason Japan clings to the US although it was the US that dropped the 2 bombs. China wants to talk without pre-conditions. It is Japan that sets the Diaoyus as out of bounds and constantly drag WW2 issues to stir emotions. Not only China and SK are annoyed. We in Asia who have suffered tremendously under imperial Japan are alarmed. One moment you deny the Nanjing massacre, then you doubt the comfort women, then you pray at Yasukuni. Then you try to stir the Philippines and Vietnam etc.. Then you say you are open to talks. Where''s the sincerity? That is what I meant as playing to the gallery!

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