Japan sends foreign ministry emissary to China


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will meet his Chinese counterpart on Tuesday “to discuss a wide range of bilateral issues based on the current situation,”

More accurately, "to apologize for the current situation caused by Japan and to end the confrontation that hurts Japanese economy to a unbearable level."

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More likely to share holiday snaps taken on a recent trip to Senkaku, and to show plans for the new harbour and hotel being built.

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I hope Kawai can help China understand its making a fool of itself in the eyes of ithe nternational community. Japan has taken stand for all the nations being bullied by China in so many places. As Japan has helped China come from being a 3rd world country China should take some advice from Japan on being a good world citizen.

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It is funny how Chinese get so angry about these crappy islands in the middle of no where but they are afraid to protest against their own corrupt government, real funny! So since they are too afraid to protest against BEIJING, they take out their frustrations against the smallest Asian country they can find, Japan.

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I am hopeful what an arrogant government official could bring about.

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Japan should negotiate Chinese with their strength, because they have it. Japan has one of most sophisticated militaries and weapons in Asia, and the region’s most respected navy. In comparison, sure China has much much larger military force, but quality of the equipment and the lack of having latest weapons is a problem. Japan's quality versus quantity of Chinese. So OK, let me outline a few of the conditions of the war, otherwise it will be impossible to argue this. China cannot use its nukes for whatever reason. Can't use em'. If it's just a war between China and Japan, no South Korea, North Korea, USA or Russia. If you would like you could just make it that there is a war between China and Japan over the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands. So it would be an air and naval battle, China's fleets and aircraft vs modern and sopisticated Japan's air and ground weaponary. No need to involve ground forces in this. Just control of the seas and skies. The goal is just to wipe out the other guys naval and air units, nothing more. Japan has excellent chance with their sophisticated weapons. I wouldn't take Japan lightly.

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Brought to you by Ishihara " the grouch " and his minions

Stop old people from using the mircrophones.

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Every country have corrupt gov't officials. Even Japanese gov't official are not exempted. The Japanese ppl are afraid to protest in Tokyo against corruption. When her own officials was caught laundering their government national coffers. The corrupt official committed suicide. Coward to face the law and pass those dirty money for their own family..

It's so funny that in this world. Only Japan declared that the island belong to their own Japanese private citizen and purchase it Even Christopher Columbus (Italian) the world well known sea explorer who discovered America etc etc for Spain that no Governor of Madrid or government of Spain have declared that America private owner belong to Christopher Columbus. Even Italy did not declared it.

Very very funny is that the Japanese private owner is not the one and not listed in world history as a sea explorer that discover those island. So funny that Japan is kicking the a++ of China when they are frustrated and depressed.

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Brought to you by Ishihara " the grouch " and his minions

Add the PM, and also that Osaka mayor, to the growing list of Japanese officials who are alienating Japan with their remarks and actions.

Why don't Japan just end diplomatic relations with China? Everyone here are saying that China can't survive without investment, trade and commerce with Japan. If that's the case, why not just do the diplomatic cutoff? You don't need to go to war.

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The real problem is the complete lack of any kind of meaningful leadership in Japan. You have a band of nitwits and cretins like Ishihara, Noda, Abe, Ozawa and and endless stream of uncultivated, ill-mannered, dull-witted fools whose mouths open allowing their inane, thoughtless remarks to come flying out causing all manner of trouble.

This is the real problem. There seems to be no one fit to lead in this government or among the elected officials of Japan. There are plenty of ordinary Japanese professionals and otherwise who are highly intelligent, very wise and fully capable of formulating intelligent policy. Unfortunately though, these people are not in positions of leadership.

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Until the Senkaku problem of this time happened, I evaluated the successful developmental dictatorship of China for its efficiancy and speed in promoting economy but it revealed its shortcomings. Balance of power in politics is necessary.

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There is a lot of talk but little action. What happened to the braggart?

China not yet finished reforming the brand new aircraft Carrier purchased from the Ukrainian, hahah.

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The best way to end this bad joke is to cut diplomatic relations with china,permanently!! Leave them go with his rare earth, cheap labor, let them go. The maximum that the Chinese are capable of able with rare earths is make a bar of tin.

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Highhope:More accurately, "to apologize for the current situation caused by Japan and to end the confrontation that hurts Japanese economy to a unbearable level."

Please do not assume what Japan will say and please do not make a fun of it. Your comment may affect the people`s perception for this case as if Japan had done something wrong. Already I hear some rumor that Japan bought the sovereignty for the islands???

I do not think we go China to apologize. The bottom line is that we have nothing to appologize for THE CURRENT SITUATION.The island which had been Okinawa prefecture since 1895 which was owned by a Japanese citizen decided to sell to Japan.The realty of the sovereignty has not been affected at all. There is nothing to apologize from Japan for this specific case. If any private owner of part of a land on Guam tries to sell to his government. I see no technical problem here.

Contrary to the fact, China has a ton of reasons to apologize to Japan for in this case.and Some Japaneses companies of which facilities were destroyed by the recent terrorism. No one would have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the difference between a legitimate political demonstration to Japan or massive destruction, an act of plundering at JUSCO and other businesses. Who will pay for it?! I would like to assume China will be apologetic to Japan. If they have any common sense left. My expectation is low.

I usually have a room to accept any cynical expression but for this one? I do not subscribe to it.

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i can see the division has worked, governments snap fingers and you're all ready to jump at each others throats. Nice doggy

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It's so funny that in this world. Only Japan declared that the island belong to their own Japanese private citizen and purchase it

I do not understand this comment. I think there are many private island owners in this world. And discovery itself is not directly connected to sovereignty in the international law,either. I do not know in ancient time antolop111 is talking about. But Japan registered Senkaku as Okinawa prefecture in 1895. I believe the private owner got the island was after it had become Japan.

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