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Japan sets up National Security Council team to meet coronavirus, tech challenges


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Great another team, pass the sandwiches.

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In a few weeks the new "National Security Council team" will ask to set up a range of smaller committee's to look at individual issues. Basically they are going to fight and prevent the spread of the virus with endless 'meetings'.

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Its roughly 20 members are senior officials from the economy, finance, foreign and internal affairs ministries as well as the National Police Agency.

While about half of them at the same time belong to other teams, the newly launched group is the second largest among the seven behind the coordination team, according to the Cabinet Secretariat.

What is this? A National Security group or a sports league for obsolete senior officials?

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What is this? A National Security group or a sports league for obsolete senior officials?

Sadly, the latter.

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The uninformed leading the misinformed....

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Time flows and people...d...

Great that taxes are used for some seniors to get even more paid.

A group within a group ?

Will that group have subgroups ? In how long please ?

Measures could be :

force older than 70 to stay at home

fine if not

creat learning classes of Internet for them

find them occupation from home


I like feeling member of a special group !

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