Japan expected to show tough new security stance during Marcos visit


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Good gesture from Philippines prior Marcos visit.


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Japan says the aggressive new policy is needed to confront China, but critics call it an attempt to use massive aid infusions to push Japanese security views on poorer countries.

Who are these critics? The CCP? CPJ? JTWumaos?

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... It's a drop in the bucket but thank you Japan for what you offered to do.

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Japan is a 5'5" "man" at a "hulking" 110 lbs trying to act like he's the strongest and baddest guy around. It's honestly embarrassing.

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Kishida is bulking up even as we speak…

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Japan expected to show tough new security stance during Marcos visit

What are they gonna do?

Actually spread out the security and not all bunch up in one spot?

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Kishida is too tough and rigid to be flexible and apparently of any use to anyone but the USA agenda of hegemony and world dominance.

It's like he's on autopilot digging his own grave spiraling downwards.

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The way I remember it is that the Kishida cabinet adopted the new policy when the Diet was not in session so there has never been a vote. That's an odd form of democracy to not include public hearings, debate and a final vote up or down.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s government in December adopted key security and defense upgrades, including a counterstrike capability that breaks from the country’s self-defense-only postwar principle

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I guess, throwing radar devices or beating with antennas won’t help much when Chinese military should ever intrude. And btw those countries are not stupid and have already developed quite an own and vivid standard electronics industry, so they can produce such equipment very well themselves in quite good quality.

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There is no way to go but from weak to a bit stronger. So...

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