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Japan, South Korea to hold dialogue on export controls on March 10


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Yeah that'll go over 'well.'

Good luck though.

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I hope it goes well. Both countries need one another.

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Unless South Korea agrees to abide by Japan's White List requirement that export information will be provided when requested, these talks are a complete waste of time. This is something South Korea could have done from the very start rather than totally wrecking relations with Japan.

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Export controls = Normal export prcedures

Japan is doig nothing wrong holding South Korea to task, despite trash mainstream media's attempts to influence people otherwise.

I'm guessing South Korea maintains their current path and withhold information on the end users of the sensitive materials that could be used for weapons manufacture (ie: North Korea), and Japan maintains the normalised export procedures.

There's nothing to negotiate here, either Sout Korea comes clean or they continue to go through normal export procedures like all other Asian nations. They are not special and Japan is not obligated at all to treat them as such.

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