Japan, South Korea hold high-tech export control talks


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Japan holds all the aces over SK. Moon and his puppets will have to show some sense for once and compromise. After all, Japan removed SK from so-called "White List" due to the fact SK could not be trusted not to sell goods to Communist North Korea.

I see the usual Japan-bashers here keep talking nonsense. But this will be a big win for the Abe Government. 100 percent.

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And of course just a scant mention of why Japan did what they did, without even going into the exact details, thus giving the impression the only reason why Japan removed SK from the white list was because of 'retaliation' for SK court's rulings.

Pure nonsense despite what the usual crowd says here.

Japan, don't capitulate or sell yourselves out with these people!

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Japan=Has helped S. Korean companies by funding them, by giving technology, by being on previlage White List, sharing manufacturing secrets.

S. Korea= Wants to hurt Japanese companies, seize their assets, boycott products on mass, boycott tourism, try to hurt Japan image, their companies image, including overseas.

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South Korea has demanded Japan reverse the measures, saying Tokyo has weaponized export controls in retaliation for South Korean court rulings

The silliest part of South Korea's behavior is that; if Japan actually removed SK from their White List as retaliation for the SK Court ruling, and not for failing to comply with the Export Control Requirements, all South Korea had to do is submit the requested export information, and get back on the White List.

Why did South Korea not do this? Why did they not only refuse and take the simplest way out, but escalate the issue in every which way even to the point of pissing off the United States?

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Trade export control would not be necessary if we could trust S. Korea to keep its promises its agreements signed.

If you allow your bias court ruling to sell off Japanese companies piece by piece, sell their assets and your citizens boycott Japanese goods... Why would we have you on previlage White List? The only Asian country to be on that list and this is how you treat Japan, with hate, bias and a never ending appetite for historic arguments from your great grandparents time.

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What South Korea has to do is respect the international procedures that mark both the UN and the World Trade Organization.

What President Moon intended to do with Japan was totally unacceptable. To want the Emperor and the Prime Minister to do an act of humiliation, losing respect and integrity to honor. It was something that could not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Luckily, there is beginning to be sanity in the south Korean part. This being the main cause of most of the problems. And all for mixing judicial issues with politics. And that in the long run most of the time things go wrong.

The solution to the labor problem. It was always within the private procedures between the affected and the private companies. With compensation money purely of private origin. And the letter of apology must be made by the presidents of the CEOs in a personal capacity. As the South Korean Supreme Court ruling indicates.

It was President Moon who wanted to elevate the problem to a diplomatic matter. It was an act purely for electoral purposes for him and his political party. Dragging other countries into problems that had nothing to do with these problems. Having to force the United States as an arbiter to impose common sense.

South Korean national assembly speaker Moon Hee-san is seeking to set up a compensation fund for the Korean wartime laborers with an option that allows Japanese companies to chip in donations as a compromise.

As stipulated in the judicial sentence. Japan was never against that.

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I see the usual Japan-bashers here keep talking nonsense.

Every comment preceding yours has been 100% supportive of Japan. So I am curious why you wrote this.

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Perhaps, the trade relationship could be resolved in a new platform. The coming South Korea-Japan-China talks on a possible integrated northeast asia free trade may take care all problems since the start of Japan's war against neighbours. It's Time to reevaluate Japan's historical role in northeast asia in a complete and comprehensive way. Japan did contribute to the development of northeast asia since 150 years ago, so does south korea 40 years ago, and China since 5000 years ago. Relationship is always mutual beneficial.

Recommend northeast asians to reunify language as soon as possible, for the sake of future generations.

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