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Japan, South Korea to speed up talks over pending military issues


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North Korea and China have had a field day directing South Korean society with constant anti-JPN sentiment. Sufficient to disrupt the US/JPN/SK military alliance. Now the game is over for the autocrats. China will now have to revise their naval goals to build more ships than the US, JPN and SK combined.

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China and Russia are digitally advanced to make fools out of them as they are all connected.

We'll see about that. Russia can't even take down Ukraine digitally.

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When dictators start acting crazy, democracies must pull together. Who would have guessed that Finland would join NATO, or that Japan and South Korea would be working together? Democratic countries need to support each other in the face of intolerant and belligerent nations.

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South Korea and Japan are now officially weapons manufacturers and ship builders for the almighty Americans with a focus on challenging China , Russia ,North Korea and any other's

Which is something that is no business of the dictator cabal.

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YrralToday 03:43 am JST

Taiwan,if Russia physical destroyed the Central Bank of Ukraine,the war would be effectively over, by stopping the payment to Ukraine armed forces and transfer of all foreign aid to the Central Bank and the printing of money and them damn fake Zelensky medal

Most transactions are done electronically these days the bank probably has servers not in the same building. Also you should stop supporting Nazis.

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At first, South Korea fired fire control radars due to bad weather, but they made the excuse that they were not aimed at Self-Defense Force aircraft. (Sunny weather on the day)

After that, the South Korean government's remarks changed several times, and in the end they did not irradiate. The problem was replaced by saying that the Self-Defense Forces aircraft had made a threatening flight.

The Korean government announced that it could not hear the JMSDF's radio, but the video released by South Korea clearly recorded the radio from the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

After that, the Moon Jae-in administration allowed only Japanese Self-Defense Forces aircraft to be irradiated with fire control radar, repeating the foolishness that China would never do again.

The South Korean government must reveal what it was doing with North Korean ships in Japan's EEZ. Moon Jae-in did not let the North Koreans who were said to be protected go to the hospital, and immediately sent them to North Korea.

Around that time, it was confirmed that a South Korean-flagged vessel was exchanging crude oil with a North Korean vessel, which is subject to UN sanctions, in the Sea of Japan.

This is the reason why European ships were dispatched to the Sea of Japan.

It's always the case that South Korea doesn't tell the truth, and it's also always the case that it doesn't admit its fault by changing the problem.

Japan should not trust such a country. This is because it is clear that if the current administration changes, it will return to being anti-Japan.

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Timeline of this issue

A South Korean Navy destroyer fired fire control radar at a Maritime Self-Defense Force P-1 patrol aircraft off the coast of Noto Peninsula for several minutes several times.

A Japanese P-1 patrol plane radioed the South Korean ship's intentions, but there was no response. (There is a voice inquiring about the image on the Korean side)

Japan's Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya held a press conference to announce the details of the incident. 'Extremely dangerous behavior'

South Korea's Ministry of National Defense: "It is true that the fire control radar was activated, but it was never intended to target a Japanese patrol plane. It was to search for a North Korean ship in distress."

Japan's Ministry of Defense ''Normally, instead of fire-control radars, surface search radars should be used to search for ships in distress.''

South Korea Ministry of National Defense: “At that time, due to bad weather conditions, we used all radars, including fire control radars.” (It was a clear day.)

Japan's Foreign Minister Kono said, "I would like to ask the South Korean side to take a united response in order to advance Japan-South Korea relations positively."

South Korea's Ministry of National Defense: "There is no fact that radar irradiation was carried out. I cannot understand Japan's raising a problem against humanitarian operations. Rather, the Japanese introduction aircraft was threatening, such as flying over the naval vessel."

Japan's Ministry of Defense "Radio waves peculiar to fire control radar were irradiated multiple times continuously for a certain period of time."


South Korea's defense ministry issued a statement calling for an apology for a ''threatening low-altitude flight'' by a destroyer.


South Korea's Ministry of National Defense released the claim video of South Korea on Youtube. Most of the footage was released by the Japanese side on 12/28. Furthermore, with unnecessary BGM aimed at impression operation.

South Korea's Ministry of National Defense: "It is very rude to ask South Korea for radar information on a destroyer without showing the frequency of evidence that it was irradiated by radar."

Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya said, "There is no such thing. Japan is ready to present it."

South Korea's Ministry of National Defense: "The essence of the incident is the low-altitude and threatening flight of Japanese patrol planes. We urge Japan to prevent recurrence. We should also stop inappropriate public opinion wars."

South Korea's Ministry of National Defense "We have come to a clear and scientific conclusion that the fire control radar was not irradiated. The grounds to conclude that the radar wave detection sound released by the Japanese Ministry of Defense is the radio wave reception sound of our fire control radar. is nothing."

After this, the Moon Jae-in administration allowed only Self-Defense Forces aircraft to irradiate fire control radar. (This decision came to light after the administration changed.)

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Korea should first apologize to Japan. It must start from there. A Korea that does not apologize to Japan cannot be trusted.

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Taiwan,if Russia physical destroyed the Central Bank of Ukraine,the war would be effectively over, by stopping the payment to Ukraine armed forces and transfer of all foreign aid to the Central Bank and the printing of money and them damn fake Zelensky medal

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Taiwan,stick and stone may break my bones,but your words,do not hurt me Google Bank of Ukraine Duties

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I'm afraid Ossan is going to be disappointed when the next South Korean president is elected and the pendulum swings back towards a more friendly foreign policy with China. Yoon is an aberration.

China looms large in Asia. China looms especially large for Koreans given its proximity, and economic and cultural ties.

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In the 2018 incident, Seoul denied Tokyo's assertion that a South Korean destroyer had locked its targeting radar on a Japanese surveillance plane, sparking a dispute that has hampered the Asian neighbors' relationship.

Does the JMSDF finally get the courage to admit that the P-1's primitive EW suite can't distinguish radar types and badly needs an upgrade?

Seriously, the P-1's EW suite was as primitive as my car's radar detector based on descriptions, which can tell the frequency and strength of signal but not the source type, be it the car in the next line, highway speed sensor, or a police speed gun?

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