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Japan, Sri Lanka agree to build stronger maritime links


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Nice. :)

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China is making friends lately? I'd like them to do the same with the rest of Asia. Good job Japan.

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This is the kind of leadership I can get behind. Strengthening relationships with neighbours and forming a defensive line against the primary source of strife and tensions in the region (I'm talking about China, just so you know). If only other world leaders could be so proactive about strengthening economic and defensive ties, there might be less conflict. Aside from the terrorists and extremists of course, but they don't represent their parent nation. Keep up the good work Japan.

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"Before arriving, Abe said in a local newspaper interview that he hoped Sri Lanka could achieve “true national reconciliation” by addressing war crimes issues."

I know this isn't a laughing matter, but......

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Rajapakshe hoped Abe will give him full fledged support for Himan rights violations like China does,but Abe gave a clear reminder that he should cooperate with the UN was crimes probes and stop current human rights violations of minorities and opposition activists.

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Here we go again. It’s becoming an old routine for Abe. Why does it have to do with China all the time? Don’t you find it strange by now that Abe has to follow Xi everywhere and try to copy China in the way they are doing business. Japan must have a lot of cheap patrol boats though; Abe seems to like giving them away so much in order to gain friends. That’s a true friend always expecting something in return , a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council must be very important for Japan. Abe is looking more and more like a “stalker.” He needs to learn how to be a leader and not a follower. And, don’t say things that Japan can’t even do it, such as addressing war crimes issues to achieve “true national reconciliation.”

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