Japan steps up bid to win Australia submarine contract


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Submarines being offered from France Germany and Japan all have very similar capabilities and anyone would do fine but what Australia really need is a Nuclear Submarine like the Virginia Class from United States. None of the current offerings have the range, performance & payload required to deal with Chinese infiltration of the East China Seas. But out of the three contenders choosing Japan offers the best political partnership... France and Germany are not going to run to help Aussies when they clash with the Chinese but Japan definitely will.

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Nerakai :It not a matter of teaching techniques; It was a matter of retaining old technique: Australia lost these out dated technique chasing the international Manufacturing dollar. Australia has the engineers and the ship building industry capable of building sub but don,t have men with knowledge of the old technique of forming the perfect circle using heat and cooling method. This why Japan are the best at building vessels that can go deep and stay deep for long period without having to in for maintenance to fit the leaks. Most people in the industry know this except the politician or the politician refuse to know being more worry about governing (staying in power) then do they right thing by the Australian people. It will be great for the Australian national if they were to built the subs in Australia. But not good for the Australian Navy which are the biggest backer of the subs contract going to Japan. We will find out soon. the winner is to be announce this months. My money is on Japan due to recent events concerning security and military meeting between the USA, Australia and Japan.

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Ricky KaminskiFeb. 10, 2016 - 10:42AM JST What do you reckon Japan Newsers? Personally i see the makings of a sitcom.

I think you have very limited first hand experience dealing with major Japanese firms overseas.

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Game on then mate. Good luck and awe the best. Take that attitude to the colonies.

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@ Ricky Karninski

Although, Australia is going to be a customer for the winner of this bid, it's not a hotel business. Japanese engineers are not expected to change their attitude or work styles and they don't really have to (especially when their job is to teach their technologies to their counterpart). Yes, it would be heaps better though if they could build mateship while they work together. I guess Aussie engineers might rather have to get understanding of Japanese work style to get the most out of it.

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how to make your war factories running for you while being financed by others.

At last Japan learned this trick from the US.

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Personally i see the makings of a sitcom. I just watch the Japanese evening news each night, great sitcom right there.

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In my humble opinion, Australia should go for the Japanese Soryu class submarines. Asia-Pacific countries like Australia & Japan, together with the USA needs to stand up to China's 'bullying' tactics & what better way than to have Japan build their submarines and cooperate with them militarily. Japan has a lot to offer and Australia should grab it with both hands.

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As a long tem Aussie living in Japan I naturally want to root for Japan. As a long term aussie living in Japan also still have doubts and concerns on how well the Japanese Inc and their engineers will be able to work with their aussie counterparts. If the Japanese stick with their ways, for example the long prolongued silences with eyes to the floor way of starting every meeting , the lack of small talk ability so important to build a rapport to name but a few are going to be huge obstacles. Theres no manual for that and aussies thrive on mateship and a get going attitude. Hmmmmm, chotto muzukashi. Hopefully though, with such huge sums of money at stake there is a crack team waiting to dive in. What do you reckon Japan Newsers? Personally i see the makings of a sitcom.

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or how to make your war factories running for you while being financed by others.

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I hope they get the contract. Japan lost out on the bullet train contract, that countries mistake. Hope Australia doesn't make the same kind of mistake.

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This is Abe's agenda, build up the military industrial sector in the hope that it will revive the economy. His "third" arrow in reality.

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