Japan, Switzerland agree to keep tough sanctions on Russia


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Japan's tough sanctions?

Stopping 1.1% of Russian imports. Not just 1% but 1.1%!

Hard hitting! And they covered a Russian language sign for a week....

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@Mr Kipling it's more than they did over the USA /UK illegal invasion of Iraq.

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He said Switzerland, which does not belong to the European Union, fully backs EU sanctions against Russia and implemented a fifth round of measures last week. But that does not mean his country has abandoned its policy of neutrality, he said.

In the middle of Europe, Switzerland is one of the richest and most expensive countries of the world. It's very exceptional for Zurich to pass beyond the age-old Swiss principle of neutrality.

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Hey Japan, keep doing silly nonsense things to please US whims..

You'll never have your northern territories back from Russia..

Bye bye for ever Kuril islands..

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Of course, Kishida agrees to keep tough sanctions on Russia.

First of all, it makes him look good on the global scene (and in the eyes of Biden).

Second, higher gas prices at the pump, higher utilities bills and soaring food prices doesn't hurt him a bit.

Do you think you'd find him scavenging the food section at Donki looking for cheaper bread and other bargained foodstuffs to put on the table?

No, of course not. Any boomerang effect of sanctions placed against Russia doesn't hurt this guy.

It clobbers the heck out of you and me, the average taxpayer, but never these fat cats.

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Like the rest of the elites in the world Kishida ha s a chasm of ignorance in which he can reside.

Rules are not for him, Abe, Kuroda, Aso, Mori and the rest.

The rules are here for you and me to be governed by whoever is in ‘goverment’

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"Though" sanctions? how effective have these sanctions been? I see the war going on without a hitch on the TV every night.

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Japan, Switzerland agree to keep tough sanctions on Russia:

They can go on with more sanctions that could well be ineffective and futile..

Russia is seemingly least bothered.

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Japan and Switzerland together……. very good.

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I think that sanctions should continue until Putin is no longer in power regardless of Ukraine war outcome. Small or large, any sanction is welcome.

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