Japan takes aid show to Africa in China's shadow


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Will he dress as impoverished kenyan this time? ;)

Does anybody know why not one notable african country is a first world economy? They can't all be breeming with dictators, wars, racism (anti-white as majority is black), etc.

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This won't work.

You must accept that the money you give will also go to the pocket of local already rich man who let the people be poor and without education to insure their own security.

We should let ONU decide on the money we give to those country and forbid unilateral commerce for political influence. The people down there are the one paying the price of our hungryness.

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China's advantage in Africa and other developing countries is not just the cash. They couldn't care less if the local government had zero respect for human rights and were murdering everybody. As long as China got the natural resources it wanted. This is where China has an edge over the United States which has an agenda to spread democracy and reacts negatively to dictatorships, often throwing in all sorts of political conditions. Japan can bridge this gap by providing what it can without the political strings because Japan as a country can't do anything about it anyway. At least not more than to express an objection.

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China has been involved in numerous African countries for many years. Like other colonial powers that came to Africa before it, China is building roads and ports to ship resources including oil, minerals, food and other commodities, and is also selling weapons to various armies.

Japan, the US, Russia and EU nations had their time in Africa, and now are caught playing catch-up to China, which so far has out-maneuvered the other powers.

While the US is spending trillions fighting losing causes in MENA and elsewhere, China's getting richer.

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Hopefully the chinese don't totally trash the environment in Africa as they have at home. Grease palms, pillage resources, and leave a mess which no one will be able to afford to clean up.

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OssanAmericaAUG. 25, 2016 - 07:25AM JST >

This is where China has an edge over the United States which has an agenda to spread democracy and reacts negatively to dictatorships

Ossan, I strongly recommend you read the book "Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq" by Stephen Kinzer. Until then I won't interrupt your utopian fantasy.

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China invests to own. Theirs is not a contribution but a veil to own and never let it go...

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TICAD—co-organised by Japan, the United Nations, the World Bank and the African Union—“paved the way” among aid programs because it was among the first of such efforts, a senior Kenyan government official, who declined to be named, told AFP.

Who declined to be named out of fear of pissing off China..........

I think Africa is also starting to question some of its Chinese inbound "investment" lots of problems cropping up, its far from all good

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The local Africans really doesn't consider Chinese had provided any help since the Chinese brings in their own people to work at any and all construction sites and offers very little jobs to the local Africans so the not much of the money is dropped into the local economy. The African officials likes it since their pocket will be lined with Chinese money but that really doesn't help the people or the local economy.

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Hmmmmm. A budget deficit and debt to GDP rati approaching 300% and they are giving aid to Africa? not hassling the African touts in roppongi would be a better way of helping the people there.

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Jumin Rhee Does anybody know why not one notable african country is a first world economy? They can't all be breeming with dictators, wars, racism (anti-white as majority is black), etc.

Yes, I know very well.

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When Japan has one million of its people living in Africa, as China does, I'll say Japan is interested. For now I just believe Japan is playing catch up to China. Pathetic culture. The rising sun's real heart comes out.

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If Japan wants to hurt China, should focus in Myanmar... In Africa there will be always chances to involve.

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Funny how China can force Japan do the unthinkable out of desperation. The Japanese have always shun Africa the reason being that Africa is a far country We know it is not true because South America is not near but they are there,the fact is Japan Has continuously and continues to under look Africa

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SWAMI'S THOUGHTS ON THE SUBJECT: It is a welcome development that resourceful nations like Japan, China and India from Asia are exploring opportunities in Africa for expansion of trade and investment and there is a indeed a need for such investments in several impoverished African countries. In this context, it would perhaps be ideal for Japan to join hands with India which has a better knowledge of African markets - economic, social and cultural - and both Japan and India can immensely benefit from such a co-operation at government level. India is already moving in the same direction and convened a summit of over 50 African leaders held in India not long ago and the Indian Prime Minister recently visited several African countries. Japan and India are already co-operating in many areas of economic development and such a co-operation in developing African market will not only benefit both but add to the increasing list of Indo-Japan co-operative efforts! (cc: PMO / MEA, India)

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