Kono tells U.S. no one could be optimistic about North Korea


Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono told his U.S. and South Korea counterparts on Sunday that"no one could be optimistic about North Korea," shortly after Washington and Seoul announced plans to postpone upcoming military drills in a bid to encourage stalled peace efforts.

"No one could be optimistic about North Korea. North Korea has repeatedly launched more than 20 missiles this year, including new types of ballistic missiles, as well as a submarine-launched ballistic missile," Kono said at the opening of a so-called "trilateral" meeting of the defense chiefs in Bangkok, before news media were escorted from the room.

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Why doesn’t Taro want to give peace a chance?

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I don't blame his sentiments.

It's bad enough the Japanese government had to deal with the unhinged administration of Moon and his blind supporters around the world. The constant lies, misrepresentations, and hostility shown by him towards Japan.

Think of how much worse it is with North Korea.

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Oldman_13 - The constant lies, misrepresentations, and hostility shown by him towards Japan

yeah, well, you can’t say that Japan has not been aggressive towards the DPRK either. It always takes two to make a fight.

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Guess Taro needs to sabotage any potential progress so that LDP,s eternal election boogeyman sticks around till the next election is held ,huh....btw, didnt Shinzo pledge all out efforts for a summit with Kim & the abductee issue for a thousand,s time  at the last poll ?...Hows that pledge no. 4009672 going?

-3 ( +4 / -7 )

Really, the only country in Asia that can challenge trump ???. Why don't U try challenging trump ???.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

not until the demons who tried to annihilate all of Korea fess up show remorse and begin lifetime reparations

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

not until the demon and his regime, his sympathizers spread all over the world (like those in Japan) completely annihilated from the surface of the today's planet.

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