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Japan may be first foreign destination for new Indian PM Modi


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This would be great for both India, and Japan and send a clear message to the Communist Party of China. Hope to see Prime Minister Modi visiting Tokyo sometime soon!

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No, his first foreign destination will be Bhutan and on a side note Chinese Foreign Minister will be visiting him tomorrow.

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MGigante This would be great for both India, and Japan and send a clear message to the Communist Party of China.

What we are seeing is a shift in the power balance in the Pacific area . . .countries like India, Japan, VietNam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia will not book China's aggressive hegamonious imperialistic intrusions to their sovereign space . . .There is power in unity - - - ....moreover financial cooperation will benefit , in this case, BOTH countries. Way to go Abe & Modi !

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This would be a great step for India, to follow the 'Japan model' for India's overall development. watch my tweets of 28 may @shaile75

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When you have this:

Analysts point out that, as well as their economic interests, India and Japan are natural allies; both have spiky relationships and long-running territorial disputes with China, whose increasing military confidence is causing disquiet in Asia and beyond.

It follows that you'll have this:

Senior officials from India, Japan and US will hold a trilateral meeting on June 23-24 in New Delhi to work on common approaches to Asian issues.

Which would very likely result in this:

Japan could be the first foreign destination for new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Japanese media reported Friday, suggesting the trip could happen as early as this month.

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@narendramodi is one of the only 3 people followed by @AbeShinzo on tweeter.

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Narendra modi must know it is great honor to be followed by Japan prime minister on tweeter.

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Congratulations to both Leaders, both have good intentions for the world and of course for Asia.

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Let China complain. When don't they?

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China's territorial claims are a cause for great concern.

But so too is a meeting of nationalists. Modi is the leader of the leading nationaliist party and for many in India that does not bode well. China is a concern to be sure-but so too is the erosion of civil rights within countries led by unabashed nationalists. it is naive and reductionist to think that borderline fascism is the antidote to 'Communism'.

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Stronger ties with India could be the keystone piece to quell China's economic growth that's fueling the overly eager military machine.

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He got pretty good track records in his home town. Hope he can do the same for the whole of India. If he can gets the economy going and with the help of the developed countries, this could be our best alternative to China manufacturing hubs. Bring it on Mr Modi !

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