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Japan to continue nuclear plant exports


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Amazingly, nuclear power is a real import / export industry. The MOX nuclear power plant in Sellafield (UK) was closed last week as a direct result of the Fukushima incident. The sole purpose of this NPP was to produce MOX fuel for export, primarily to Japan. MOX fuel is very nasty stuff.


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If countries have neither big earthquake nor big tsunami, Japan still would be able to sell its nuclear power plants and technology to foreign countries.

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It's a secret, so don't tell anyone. Nuclear power stations are very dangerous, cost ten times as much to decommission, have radioactive waste that needs safe storing for thousands of years, and don't mix well with bombs and missiles if your neighbors get angry. So let's get rid of them all, sell them to some developing nation...

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So they're sending to Turkey, a nation with poor infrastructure and often hit by large earthquakes, and to Vietnam, often ravaged by storms.

Evidently we never learn. Agree with a poster above, it's all about the money.

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I weep for the future.

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Dear Japan, I am going to tell you a true story that you should remember before selling dangerous stuff to other nations. One day a child got injured with a very expensive and dangerous toy, so his parents decided to sell it away to keep their child safe. The buyer happened to be a neighbour and one day the child from that neighbour was playing with that very toy and by accident he killed the ex-owner. End of the story? Do not sell dangerous toys to your neighbours or to anyone else. Money is not everything in life, do not be greedy and somehow you will be rewarded. Be greedy and you will get nothing but misery. Have you not got enough of it already?

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When Japan did not hesitate and built nuclear power plants that devastated their own people (Fukushima disaster) why will they hesitate to export to other countries? It's Business, it's money....that matters the most.

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Yeah... good luck with that Japan nuclear sales guys. I expect Vietnam and Turkey will be running for zee hills at this point.

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In case other countries wish to utilize our country’s nuclear power technology, we should provide it by ensuring that its safety is of the highest global standards.

Doesn't the government read its own statements? Or do they write them hoping no one will notice the radioactive waste in a plastic bucket and four nuclear meltdowns?

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Yeah, exporting is good, just keep it off of Japan....too many weather problems and natural disasters there !

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It's not a technical problem but solely business. Japan of course can design and build good and safe nuclear plants, or cheap craps when selling it on competitive price to countries with less ability to build their own.

The problem is whether the shopper is willing to pay for better.

For Fukushima the problem was an old outdated design and hardware, which was overused but worked good for decades and stingy executives skimped the costs of even basic safety, maintenance, and overhaul, and the plant was operated by cheap untrained workers who didn't even understand what they are doing and controlled the plant with manuals in their hands.

Japanese engineer team can design the plant and supervise the construction, (if they are all Japanese at all and not many of them are hired American or French engineers) and the rest is in the hand of greedy, insane businessmen. They will get what they pay for.

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@ hatsoff MOX is not nasty according to MEXT, check out the lovely curriculum designed for elementary school children. You might notice a bias in the information: http://www.atomin.go.jp/reference/atomic/plutonium_science/index06.html

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@hatsoff ? MOX needs to be described as nasty? If you actually read through the materials for elementary school children, which I don't think you did, you might -- given your love of the word nasty -- find it objectionable that MOX is presented as safe to use, as a renewable source of energy, and there is no mention that MOX has not reduced the use of uranium by even 1%. Oh, and how are future generations going to store the waste from MOX? If you do not like MOX and you do not find this objectionable, then yes, you really should go back to school.

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All readers back on topic please.

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Fact, Japan is presently having "The worst Nuclear Accident" the world has ever seen. And still talks of exporting, new technology or not...isn't there a Moral question! Considering also the two bombs that were dropped. Of all countries! Ahhhh forgot corporate Japan. Forget what I said there are no Morals involved.

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@Natto - crossed lines, I think. I wasn't disagreeing with you, if that's what you thought. Yes I did read it but I guess you were disappointed that I didn't write more. As it happens, I've been spending time with my family. Is that okay with you? Anyway, thanks for the personal sarcasm and the thumbs down.

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Money always wins in Japan. That simple.

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Kan vows nuclear-free future for Japan on 66th anniv of Hiroshima atomic bombing Japan to continue nuclear plant exports

Japan has two tangues? Very contradicting posts.

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Japan is the perfect place for Turkey to buy nuke plants. Turkey is just as earthquake prone as Japan, and so they can learn how to place plants precisely on top of fault lines so as to have the maximum damage. A pity Turkey doesn't have tsunamis like Japan though. But I guess Viet Nam can make up for that. I hope the Vietnamese learn from the Japanese how important it is to place plants right on the coast and not inland where tsunamis won't affect them. And, of course, they must learn how to make seawalls that are low enough to allow maximum destruction.

I see one major problem though--how will they educate Turks and Vietnamese to be sufficiently passive when the plants blow up?

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@NattoToday - yeah, obviously I need to go back to school and get my MOX fuel facts right. Not a mention of it being nasty at all. LOL

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Where's the damn IAEA!?!?

Vietnam is now reeling from typhoon that killed 100s, and its central coast to prone devastating storms. If the IAEA lacks the balls to ban these sales, then it needs at least to send in inspectors to ensure the Japanese don't place the cooling equipment in exposed locations.

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