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Japan to delay launch of children's agency to FY2023 or later


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Japan to delay launch of children's agency to FY2023 or later

When it comes to child, progress from government nevery that good either just delay or just not being realized


Compared that to casino progress


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Japan has decided to postpone the creation of an agency to oversee policies related to children to fiscal 2023 or later

AKA they've decided that at-risk children are not high enough priority for them to shake a leg. I guess the recent cases of babies and children being beaten, strangled etc. to death by their supposed "parents" was not enough motivation for them. Good to see where J-gov's priorities lie - not in the health and safety of children apparently.

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And will probably be kicked down the road again in 2023. It was nothing more than election sweet nothings.

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I guess that means children AREN'T a priority in Japan.

In other words, no “extra secret money” in politicians pockets.

But we already knew that.

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Japan: better the hoarse cackling of yesteryear's children than the sweet laughter of today's.

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Sad. - DAILY stories of Japan’s children & families in crisis and the bureaucracy chooses to stall another 2-3 years? Come on ‘cheerleaders’, certainly many here would be interested to read some wisdom, reasoning and justification for these delays. Here’s the firsts, too often used: “*Stop whining. It’s not just Japan! Other countries in the west …” - *THIS article is about “Japan”.

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Political promises, just to garner votes - not worth the paper that they are written on.

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This is depressing news, bureaucrats are no doubt infighting about the loss of a section title, budget and control over the new bloated do nothing bureaucratic kaffufel. While children suffer with limited if and support or over watch.

on a positive social normal interaction with children I was at hospital, waiting with others mostly older people and a toddler started screaming huge sound. Mum was so embarrassed but everyone smiled nobody I saw was upset. People don’t hate children just politicians ignore them.

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More than often some Japanese tell me that there is little to no poverty in Japan, abuse, rape & sexual assaults so there's no point in funding programs because it would an inefficient use of tax payers money. Yet all these social and criminal issues affect children. They are often the common denominator. Not focusing on children means you're not focusing on the future.

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More news taken with an anti-Japan grain of salt.

Government just approved tax credit which will help children too. Passed huge government spending bill to help families and businesses recover and move forward.

The delay of the agency's establishment originally envisioned for fiscal 2022 comes as difficulties have arisen in coordinating the transfer of departments among relevant government organizations.

Narrative is: Those Japanese who apparently don't care about foreigners and children..... Yet we constantly pass laws to make things better for you, give out money or assistance. Make it so you can stay here easier or indefinitely. Ungrateful as always.

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The Japanese government missed out on a chance to provide laptops to school aged students so online learning can happen even at public schools.

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Should have been done 50 years ago.

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