Japan to discuss carbon pricing scheme early next year


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The original idea behind carbon pricing was the brainchild of two Reagan administration attorneys, C. Boyden Gray and John B. Henry. They were outdoorsy and hiked the Appalachia often but they have eyes and could see for themselves the effects of pollution on the forests and waterways. Being conservative and business minded they sought a way to put a price on pollution so polluters would internalize the costs of the pollution they created, and incorporate that cost into the cost of their product. It would also incentivize firms to find ways to clean up their emissions, or maybe clean up someone else's emissions if that was less costly. The idea was to give polluters firm targets to meet and let them figure out how to meet them rather than have the government dictate the type of pollution equipment a firm had to install as was the practice of the time. Economists loved this but at the time it was called "pay to pollute" and it horrified environmentalists. Within three decades however environmentalists had embraced this originally Republican and conservative idea. Now it is the right that views the idea with suspicion. Truth is stranger than fiction.

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yes someone have to cover your worthless and meanigless tax overspending...

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Money, money, money...it is a rich man's world.

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Carbon pricing AKA a tax

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Proving once again, BANK fat cats are masters of the universe.

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