Japan to draft policy package by year-end to accept more foreign workers


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When I ride on trains in Tokyo, I do not have a day I do not see foreigners in a car. It is already happening. They are mostly from other Asian countries and appear good people.

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Schopenhauer, they appear good people ? What kind of mentality is that ? When I saw a person, I just saw a person. That is all.

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Japan needs workers to do the jobs the Japanese are shy of but unless there are changes in the law to prevent discrimination and ill treatment as well as providing dedicated support services then there will be problems........

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Even with laws there could be problems, kurisupisu. Laws must be enforced for them to have value.

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It's a very good measure. The foreign worker who goes to work in Japan, who pays a private insurance for it. And if with the passage of time this person fulfills the required obligations. Then he is authorized to use the public health system. To earn a right you must first work hard. It is not a gift that is given for free. You have to earn it.

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Most foreign blue collar workers will have to pay huge debts to snakeheads and yakuza. To survive and pay these debts they will need alternative means of income. Maybe non taxed and maybe illegal. It happens all over the world.

Japanese old politicians don’t understand anything about sociology. Just family money and onsen’s.

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@ Schopenhauer - I see the same and I think I understand what you are seeing. What we see are people that appear to be getting up early, going to perform a job, following the basic rules of the society in which they are in and contributing something. I would agree people doing so are good as well. I understand what you are trying to say and it is not related to appearance.

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Japan's New Immigration Policy that Abe Government call "Foreigner Human Resource",

It is made for management side as same as Infamous working reform law.

They only want cheap Disposable labor,never want human.and,divert eyes from cruel and inferior working circumstances that is full of Human Rights Violation such as Confiscation of Passport,low wages overwork,unpaid salary,many disappearances,innumerable trouble,bullying and suicide.

Foreigners who escaped from painful and unbearable situation will be treated as "illegal Foreigners".besides,Japanese Immigration Bureau who arrests "illegal Foreigners" has many Human Rights Violations.

Japanese Abe Government-Economy group complex is try to expand Japan version slavery.

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His remarks came a day after the sources said Japan is set to revise its public health insurance system and apply stricter rules for its coverage to prevent abusive use mainly by foreigners.

What is the government going to do about the ABUSE by companies hiring foreigners full time and not paying their shakai hoken system?? Is he going to address THAT?? The idea that foreigners are abusing the system when most of them don't even have insurance is absolutely laughable. And we're not even talking about the blue collar workers- even the English teachers here don't have insurance.

Cases have been reported in which non-resident relatives even had their medical expenses in other countries reimbursed under the Japanese system, the sources said.

Just how many cases exactly? I'd like to know. The Japanese have a habit of making a mountain out of an anthole when it comes to anything regarding foreigners.

the government submitted Friday a bill to revise the immigration law with the aim of passing the legislation during the ongoing parliamentary session through Dec. 10 and introducing the new immigration program in April.

Whoa! Wait!  the new immigration program? Is this program going to be a pathway to citizenship? if so good!

Yamashita explained at a Diet committee the government has no intention of setting an upper limit on the number of foreign workers to be accepted under the new system, although he said he plans to halt the influx of foreign workers in sectors where a labor shortage has been resolved.

in sectors where a labor shortage has been resolved? That's never gonna happen. The labor shortage is more severe than anyone is letting on. But all I can say is, if this is going to be controlled immigration ie with a pathway to citizenship, then this is good news. But like the above posters said- without enforcing checks and balances needed to prevent exploitation of foreigners who come here, this is will not bode well for the people who come here nor for the nation as a whole.

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