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Japan to draw map of marine plastic pollution with help from G-20


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The government hopes the map, which will also show where waste originated

Does 'origin' mean global boardroom, or hapless consumer?

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This has been done several times in recent years. The information is freely available on the net. Instead of doing it again they should be looking at ways to reduce the overuse of plastic wrappings in Japan and to promote more recycling of plastics.

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Japan being the second largest producer of waste plastic after USA and having 1/3 of US population, should instead look at their own use of plastic.

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It is great that the biggest criminals investigate themselves and set the sentence or pardon.

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Japan. Ever the poser.

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Japan has technical measures to reduce plastic to be replaced to more natural materials to be nature again. The issue is always the government to support those technical measures at grouped incorporation to we citizen buy it cheaper like the plastic bag ones. Just to mention the vinyl plastic bags.

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